Friday, April 24, 2009

Random picture Friday....

Well, yesterday could not of gone better. Happy hour lasted a bit longer than planned, two pomegranate margaritas, one ruby red slipper, and a glass of cab later, I was home to Hubby.

And not very hungry. So my fat girl birthday really didn't happen.

But don't you worry, tonight is my birthday dinner with my besties, and that means TAMALE KING!!!! So my caloric intake for my birthday will be met tonight.

So let's get started with the randomness of these pics.

Here is my Brammy singing me Happy Birthday. Little dude got to stay up late to wait for me to get home to eat cake.

My cake, I was a little tipsy taking this picture.

Getting ready to cut the cake. He took this job very seriously, and did a tremendous job.

Here is me showing Hubby how hot I am at 34. Smokin'!

Tess' new favorite thing in the world to do. I have tons of great pictures of her doing this and plan on putting them in an arrangement.

Please take note of her cloth diaper. Yes, Casey, it is true.

And see that deer in the middle? Yeah, I shot that one. I haven't done it since, I was trying to get an engagement ring.

It worked.

HOW PRECIOUS IS THIS? My mother in law made it for my birthday! I love it, Iddy! It is perfect and I adore the colors.

Here is my Coco rug. Love it! Coco is written in pea green. It looks pefect in my kitchen.

How happy! He just learned to pump himself. I was getting worried that I would be pushing him on a swing well into his twenties...

So, I bought another frame from Allison and had to rearrange AGAIN! I put both of my ice cream pictures in her frames on my buffet in the breakfast area. Both of these pictures were taken from the same photographer. Bram is almost two in the first one. I think they look perfect for my "allison" frames. Thanks Allison!!!

Does this bikini look familiar to anyone out there?????? It was 96 degrees on Wednesday so we played in the sprinkler. Tess isn't a fan of water being sprayed in her face, so she played on her fire engine. In her bikini.

And the big pink thing in the background is an enormous piece of furniture I am painting & distressing for Tess' room. It will go were her crib is whenever that time comes.

Hopefully another year from now.

Here is a little decorating idea. I had this milk glass bowl that I had no idea what to do with. My mother had all these antique post cards, SO the I just threw them in the bowl. Looks great!

And finally Tess' latest dance move. Let's hope she grows out of this one!

Y'all have a fantastic weekend! The Coco's are busy. Dinner tonight, birthday party tomorrow, dinner with friends tomorrow night, dinner with friends Sunday night. Whew! I am going to be worn out on Monday!!!!

Ta-ta for now!


Sassy Cass said...

Those pics made my day! You are hawt at 34, girlie! Mr. Coco is one lucky fella. The rug is fab, the frames rock (Go Allison!), the kids are cute as pie and I am totally impressed with your deer head. The things a gal will do for a diamond. Happy Birthday, Coco!

Carrie Darney said... decorated with the deer heads and made it the hell did you do that? I too went hunting (didn't shoot anytning) to try to get my ring...took another 3 years! he said that once I got my ring I was a whole new girl. I wasn't the outdoorsy girl was all for show. Ha! So true...

So we had a deer head in our living room...full head...fur...creepy eyes, etc. it is now in our attic...not sure how to use it in my house!

Your babies are so adorable Coco...for real. and you are one hot mama! I'm 34 also...went to tech..I wonder if we knew each other?

Something In The Glass said...

What a great post!! I hope you have the happiest of birthdays!

(...and I hope that by the time I turn 34 in October, my diet will have worked and I'll be as hot as you!!)

starnes family said...

Love all the pics on this random Friday! Still think the cloth diapers are staged.

Smokin hot, indeed!

Angry Julie Monday said...

You look smokin'!

All the pictures were great! Thanks for sharing!

Monica Clift said...

Hot lady indeed! I love being 34 (35 in six months,ugh, not so sure about that one). I love Allison's frames...might have to venture over to her etsy and take a look...they look great in your home. Not a fan of the deer heads, though. You are a tough lady for doing that. I am the type that takes bugs outside instead of killing them, so you can probably guess that I'm not much for the hunting thing!!!!

msprimadonna67 said...

Love all the pictures! What adorable little cuties you have: ) Hope the rest of your day and your weekend is fabulous!

The Jones' said...

You are indeed SMOKIN, lady! Great pics too. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating your birthday!

Deelsu said...

Great post! Sounds like happy hour was a good time...I've yet to have a Ruby Red Slipper but need to print out that recipe and let the bartender figure it out...Happy Birthday! the kiddos are adorable!

Coco said...

Carrie, I was a Chi O at Tech. Pledged '93 and graduated in '97.

Curious to see if we somehow know each other!

FROGGITY! said...

dang girl! you one smokin 34 year old! :) so glad the day was happy. your house is PRECIOUS! thanks for sharing your day!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday (late)! Smokin' is right! Hope you are having a fabulous b-day celebration this weekend.

Impulsive Addict said...

(1) Yes...smokin'. I may have a slight non-sexual crush on you right now

(2) WHAT? You mean I don't have to have someone push me while I swing? I never learned the pumping technique. No wonder those park brats laugh at me when M has to push me on the swings.

Michelle said...

Love this post! You look great! I'll be 34 in July!
Love all of your new decor.
Funny story and the deer and ring!
Bram is too cute wtih the cake!
Love that pic of Tess! Seriously cloth diapers?
Have a great bday busy weekend!

greygillfish said...

Fun post.
You look great!
34 is right around the corner for me.
Love the MWP bikini. SO CCUTE!
I love seeing all your decorations.
Happy Belated!
Have a great weekend!

The Soladay Family said...

The frames look great together! I am so glad you liked them!'re a hot little mama! Your babies are precious! Have a wonderful bd weekend!

morewineplease said...

AHHH! I saw sweet tess in that Kimi and it made my heart sing.. she is too cute, and you are one smok'n hot mama!!
Love that rug!