Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trouble in Paradise.....

We are having a bit of trouble with the Braminator. The past few weeks he has been a bit challenging and we have had to take tons of privileges away. He has been throwing fits at every turn. Yelling at us whenever he doesn't get his way.

I am seriously about to turn in my two weeks resignation.

What is that you say? I can't quit?!

Well GREAT! I guess I will have to continue my Zoloft/Shiraz cocktail to get me through whatever phase he is going through. UGH!

My cousin Susan and her daughter Sydney came to spend the night with us last night and go to the Strawberry Patch (pictures of this to follow).

Bram did not join us today. Bram didn't get to eat pancakes with us at the Bluebonnet this morning. Bram had to go to school instead. Bram won't be watching television the rest of the week. Bram is walking on very thin ice. VERY thin ice.

His little "show" last night was the last straw. I think he was showing off for Sydney. She was not impressed and praise GOD, she came and got me before he took things to another level.

Please see picture below.

Momma's PISSED!

Permanent MARKER, totally smuggled into his bedroom.

And he had the gall to tell me Tessie Mayes did it!!!!!




Mama Clay said...

wow. keep us posted on how all of that works out for you! bram reminds me a lot of sam...FULL of personality. i guess it doesn't necessarily get easier after age 2?!

Katy said...

pOOR you and poor little guy, is he frustrated or just being ornery?
Try using rubbing alcohol on the marker scribbles.
I have also used diff. cleaners to remove perm. marker. or try making a paste w/ water and comet and see if that helps and use a sponge w/ that scratchy stuff on the back.
I try to remember what cleaner it is that I used to remove that type of stain. Ugh...sorry.

whereismymind said...

Um, yeah. Been there, done that. If you figure out a way to make him stop, please let me know. Good luck. (And I can no longer drink.)

whereismymind said...

Oh, and I totally keep Mr. Clean Magic Eraser afloat. They are a must in a household that has small children.

juliarhock said...

Age 4 must take it all to another level. Remember when Clara sliced up her brand new duvet in the middle of the night with a pair of left-handed safety scissors? For days I was afraid I might be next.

The Soladay Family said...

Oh...my....gosh.....he better pray for the Magic Eraser....Poor Mama...

MamaSue said...

I found out he offered Sydney a marker. She got on the bed and heard scribbling.

Sydney: "Bram, what are you doing?" "Are you supposed to be dong that?"

Bram: "Um yeah and don't tell my mom"

Sydney is still torn between being a big girl and ratting out her cousin. I asked her would your rather have Bram mad at you or Courtney? She answered...good point!

morewineplease said...

I will be praying for you... and Bram's safety.
Continue self medicating dear.

Sassy Cass said...

Oh no he di'unt! LR has been a handful recently too. He is so full of attitude. I though that was reserved for girls and teenagers, not almost 3 year old lil boys. Good luck and let me know how you solve this since I'm pretty sure this is what I have coming my way.

Something In The Glass said...

Oh. No. He. Di-in't. Mini's tantrums wax and wane currently (in preparation, I'm sure, for the full onslaught in the near future), so I don't have any good advice.

But, for the record, in my professional opinion - Zoloft and Shiraz could definitely continue to be beneficial.

Impulsive Addict said...

That whole coloring business is making me think twice about wanting some little rugrats. I would have busted some boo-tay!!

Michelle said...

That sucks. Wow. I do not look forward to this. I remember Tate doing this to one or more of his walls with crayons.
I'm praying for ya sister!

Angry Julie Monday said...

Can we send Bram and Caden to boot camp at almost age 4? Seriously....I almost kicked him into school this morning. He was being such a pain. It's been a really rough month for us so far.

Yet, I went to the store and spent $25 on Easter shit today for him!

Spencer Family 6 said...

Yeah, our youngest took a black sharpie marker to the ENTIRE white banister upstairs and to my daughters door frame. Today for fun, he decided to paint his nails on the new carpet (that is 1 year old this month) with bright cherry read nail polish! I just wanted to cry and and scream whyyyyyy? He just looked at me!

Soxy Deb said...

If self medicating doesn't help, try medicating Bram and yourself. He does like Shiraz, right? What about a little Sangria? It's just like fruit juice.

Seriously though, sorry your having such a hard time right now. Believe it or not, it will get better. Just give it about 16 or 20 years. Life will be good then. :)