Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm giving in.

For those of y'all curious as to what the Hubby was carrying in a back pack up a mountain in Colorado.

Weeeellllllll, it was a big horn sheep. Sorry for those of you who are opposed to hunting but it is what it is.

Hunting a big horn sheep is a once in a lifetime opportunity and his dad was "drawn" to do go on this hunt. Hubs went to take pictures and carry sheep heads up a mountain. Awesome.

This is what one looks like in case you are curious,

The Hubs likes the outdoors, what can I say. I understand this since I grew up with a Daddy who loves to hunt, so it is just part of what guys do in these here parts.

You have to admit, Hubby looks mighty sexy in his element.

I bet he DOES NOT smell as good as he looks.

I went hunting with him a few times, before they sold the ranch. It was really a lot of fun. Well, actually drinking bloody marys and sitting by a campfire was fun.

Sitting in a deer stand at 4:30am freezing to death and being told that I CAN'T talk! That was a jail sentence. But I had to do it.

I had tunnel vision at the time.

And it worked. In fact, the above picture is exactly my ring. Ha! Sucker!

So that explains that.

What I am giving in to is this, decorating for the holidays. And I think I am going to start today. The only reason being, when we get back in town, I want the house to be almost complete and Sunday we can get our tree and decorate. Then that will be that. A house ready for the holidays.

This is not going to be fun since Tess touches every. single. thing. that she can reach. She not only touches it but for some reason thinks everything needs to be shaken as well.

This is no bueno. Yet, I want them to participate. So, I will take an extra Zoloft and a shot of Bailey's this a.m. and start "having some holiday fun!"

Wish me luck.

(and don't try to break into our estate during the holidays. we live in a gated community with guards and stuff. they will shoot you dead. we also have a very high tech security system and three police trained german shepherds on guard at all times. all of my jewels and furs will be at our private bank in a safety deposit box. the garage with the rolls, hummer, range rover, and two mercedes will be watched over by a 24 hour privately hired guard that is getting paid a.lot. of money to make sure our cars are not scratched or harmed during our holiday. and we will also have bob picking up our mail and making sure pedra is fed and watered. bob is a bad ass.)

(don't say i didn't warn you.)


MamaSue said...

Bob is a bad ass? I can only imagine which one Bob is!

The Jones Family said...


Don't feel bad about decorating for the holiday already, you're not the first :)

JennyMac said...

This cracked me up. Bob sounds scary. LOL.

I am already doing my holiday cards...thats almost the same as early decorating, right? :)

starnes family said...

Tell the husband we probably grazed by a few of his kills on our way into ski each weekend while living in Colorado. Crazy!

Donatelli98 said...

I understand what you mean coming from a family of hunters too! He looks pretty hot in his camo!

Deelsu said...

love the sheep horn! Aside from deer does he have any of the rest of it on display? I'll have to privately send you pictures of my friends mountain house here in NC. Her hubs went hunting in Africa and they have the goods to prove in in their house.
I just love the way it looks! so rustic. I'll email you.
Good luck decorating! I start Sunday!

Sassafrass Jane said...

I had a boyfriend that hunted. We didn't last long. Not because I don't like hunters, but because I too have been silently sitting in a deer stand and told not to talk.
TORTURE on so many levels. We never even got to shoot at one. And then he blamed me for scaring one off because I sniffed. SNIFFED.
Hubby looks cute in his element!!