Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A tiny warning would have been appreciated.

Um. Yea. I kind of wish someone would of let me know that I would be crying the entire time I read the above book.

A book I started reading at 2pm yesterday and finished at 2:30am this morning.

All I heard from so called "friends" was, "Oh, Court, you will love this book. It has so many references to Fort Worth, etc., etc."

Never once from these so called "friends" did I hear, "Oh, Court, you will sob to the point you make noises like a cow giving birth." or "Oh, Court, you will be so touched after reading this book, as soon as it is completed you want to head out to find the nearest church and get baptized/saved/ordained/enroll in seminary,etc."

It just would of been nice to have had a warning.

And because I am SO nice and caring. And very very pretty. I am telling everyone who hasn't read it, go get it now. It is a spiritually uplifting true story.

It tells a true tale of true Christians......those who "walk the walk" not just "talk the talk." A journey of three unlikely people who listened to Him with their hearts.

Actions speak louder than words and you can have all the Christian fish you want on the back of your car. You can have your family in church every single Sunday. You can talk and talk and talk about your love for Christ until the cows come home.

But that doesn't make you a Believer.

This book just might.

WONDERFUL. AWESOME. UPLIFTING. Possibly life changing. I am so glad I read it.

Let me get off my box here. Whew. Oops, just tripped.

OK, down now. Moving on.

Yesterday, Miss Tess wasn't feeling well. Turns out the little lady just has a sinus infection, the doctor said so, it wasn't Coco diagnosed. Antibiotics and some sinus meds and sister seems to be doing great. Which is a very good thing since I am going to have lunch with Jen today.

Jen has a new little baby Liam. I won't let Tess touch Liam. Just I can, because I am the mom and need to hold a baby. Holding this dude will for sure make me have contractions and my ovaries hurt, I just know it.

There is also a slight possibility that this is the last post I refer to him as Liam. If I feel he doesn't fit his name, I will change it.

I tend to do this. Friend's husbands go by different names that I see fit. It took them back at first but now they answer when called, "Kevin" if their real name is Eric.

One of Hubby's friend's dad is named, Bill. I've called him "George" for 6 years. Even his wife knows who I am talking about when I say, "Did you and George have fun on y'alls trip to Barbados?"

It just works for me. So I will let y'all know after the visit if Liam is a suitable name for the little dude.

Off to bath Reagen and Damion and then heading to Cowtown for some Christmas shopping and lunch.

Tata for now!


starnes family said...

Isn't it fabulous? I read it after The Shack and thought it had a similar message, but entirely more moving for me. I loved it. Every page. Every uplifting lesson.

Kiss Bill for me!

Britney said...

I have a list of books to buy myself, that one included!

Anonymous said...

I will look for it at the library today. Thanks for the warning. And I need a good teary book.

Question: Was it you who organized the wine glass exchange last year? If so, are you doing it again this year? I had fun and would love to do it again. If it wasn't you, forget I asked.

MamaSue said...

They are not Damion and Reagan...you are so silly.

Donatelli98 said...

Thanks for the suggestion - can't wait to read it.

morewineplease said...

I loved the book too.. It took me a while to get into and read it though...

OH, and you can just call me Mrs. E. Cullen :)

Monica Clift said...

That book represents the way everyone should live their lives regardless of their religious affiliation....and I have long said that some of the most un-Christian people I have ever known are the ones in the Church everytime the doors are open....so sad!

Heather said...

okay coco..... awesome book. i am reading the sequel right now ... What difference do it make. - awesome! It's goes into a little more background of Ron and Denver and it also tells lots of stories about things that people did to help others after reading Same Kind of Different as Me. Very inspiring.

Yes...I would read that book on the airplane when I was at work...bawling on the jumpseat! Passengers would just look at me like I was a freak!

Sassafrass Jane said...

I've been told to read this several times. And none of my "friends" said anything about crying like a heifer. Thanks for being a real friend and helpin a sister out.

And the name-changing thing? Awesome.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh wow. I will definitely read this. My hubs has been reading a lot of uplifting Christian books. I am happy to say he walks the walk. Me, I am still trying. Thanks for sharing this.

If the shoe FITZ said...

Sorry you didn't get to hold Bill. You should have asked...but I know there would have been a melt down if I took him out of the carrier...and that would have interrupted my margarita drinking and salsa eating and we couldn't have that!