Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving wrap up.

Because I know you care oh so much, here is a recap of our glorious Thanksgiving in beautiful West Texas!

First, I thought I would give a quick peek at Iddy's sewing room. It is were all the magic happens.

All the beautiful quilts in the making. It is very difficult to keep the little ones out of this room. A lot of stuff to look at, touch, and tons of buttons to push.

Moving on,

Nanaw's corn and Granny Puddin's mac and cheese. Holy Moly. You don't know heaven until you have Nanaw's corn.
Sugar, milk, corn and lots of butter. Slow cooked for hours and hours. Perfection.

Coco, Iddy and Abby. Setting the table for the feast.

What is that? Oh Hubby! A deep fried turkey, injected with butter, pureed garlic and onion.

Abby's boyfriend, Matt. He is a culinary school graduate (for realz).

Chase and Tess. Yes, this is Pa's Harley. And yes, Chase and Tess were pretty much sitting on it anytime we were outside.

In this picture, Chase is seriously looking at me saying, "OK, Coco, hand me the keys." Very serious. He asked for the keys all weekend long.
The dude could not for the life of him figure out why giving the keys to a precocious three year old was a bad idea.

Chase and Tess eating breakfast. These two are hilarious together. They are either fighting or loving on one another. And they both eat like 16 year old boys.

Friday we walked to the park while Hubby took his 110th nap of the week. Napping made him tired.

Darling picture of Aunt
Abby and Tess. Oh, how Tess loves her Aunt Abby!

If I hear, "Where, Abby?" one more time, I am going to put Tess in a box and ship her to Aunt Abby!!!!

Look at my little love bug. He has finally learned to pump his legs.

What a beautiful happy boy!

Hank showed Bram some tricks on the swing.

Thanks Hank! My anxiety level isn't quite high enough!!

And what Thanksgiving holiday is complete without a little Friday Night Bowling!!! In this particular bowling ally in Snyder, can STILL smoke inside.


There were a few old ladies that seriously sat and smoked two packs of Virginia Slim Menthol 120's the two hours we were there.

Bowling with a 6, 4, 3 and 2 year old is quite an experience.

Hubs is kind of competitive. Everyone was trying to keep kids from smashing fingers and such but Hubby was keeping an eye on the score. He had a serious competition going on in his head.

But who am I to make fun? I made up my own Christmas card competition. And that isn't even a sport in real life.

Poor me.

Bram thought that the gutter was a SCORE! We let him go with that notion.

He also thinks his soccer team won every game.

Tess did a fabulous job with her pink ball. It is the same ball that I bowled with as well.

I've told y'all how UNathletic I am.

Hubby took this picture of me in action. Gutter ball #20.
I've got mad skillz, yo.

You can always count on Hubs and his creative photography.

"He likes big butts and he cannot lie, you other brother's can't deny, when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face....."

So that is my Thanksgiving Day wrap up. We returned Saturday and went straight to sleep. The whole family was worn out.

Yesterday was spent decorating the tree. Decorating the tree with a two and four year old is super fun!

After my two little jalepenos were tucked in snug as two bugs in a rug, I really started on the tree. It took me three hours!!!! And it is the CUTEST tree in Texas, for this I am certain. Pictures tomorrow.

So, today it is cold and rainy and I am getting laundry done, preparing for my 11 hour drive to Kansas City on Thursday. Yikes!!!! I am really excited to see Casey and family and to see a part of the U.S. that I have never ever seen before.

Yet, after our visit, I am afraid of two things: 1) the demise of Casey's marriage to Blake or 2) the demise of our lovefest.

Should be interesting!!!

Ta-ta for now!!


MamaSue said...

So jealous of Iddy that I can't stand it! If I even had a sewing corner I would be in heaven. Right now it is a playroom.

Deelsu said...

Love the pictures! That corn looks awesome but oh so bad for the butt :(
Good luck on the preps for your KC trip!

Sara and Trey said...

1) Your butt is not big. You look incredible!
2) I can't believe you're driving ELEVEN hours with 2 kiddos by yourself. I cannot wait to hear how this goes.
3) Casey - you'd better have several bottles of wine awaiting Miss Coco when she finally arrives in KC.
4)Your kids are so freakin' cute that they almost make me ready for another one. Almost.

starnes family said...

Coco in KC!!!!! I cannot wait.

Yes, lots of wine will be awaiting your arrival.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Your 2 jalepenos are SO CUTE! Tess looks so teensy on the Harley. Lucky Bram. He thinks he scores and wins at everything.

Can't wait to see that hot ass in a few days!!

Merry Mack said...

Wow, those quilts looking nothing like the ones my mother in law showed me two weeks ago. Remember the ugly quilts? Now that is talent. Looks like fun, good eats and bad bowling- it doesn't get much better than that!

msprimadonna67 said...

A Christmas card competition--I love it!

Live.Love.Eat said...

OMG girl. Only you can make a long wrap up hysterical and insanely interesting. I LOVE reading your stuff! Um, Bram's face as he bowls is so cute!

And I have yet to try a fried turkey! I know...