Monday, December 14, 2009

Have a Coco Christmas.

A few little ditties that I have discovered recently, great gifts and little sussies for friends, family and your wild indian/indians. For you slackers that are still Christmas shopping. Don't get offended, I am in that category as well.

And that category of!!!!

On Sunday we went to the Cracker Barrel to have breakfast. Most of y'all know what a Cracker Barrel is, if you live near one, GO. GO NOW!

I bought a ton of cute, fun, vintage candies and toys to stuff the kids stockings with. Moon Pies and candy dots on paper. Candy sticks in a tons of flavors. A whoopie cushion and some silly glasses. Fake moustaches and lips. Big League Chew. Sugar Babies. You get the picture.

As I am typing this I just just remembered the dentist asking me if Bram ate crap.


It's Christmas!!! The 8 lb. 6 oz. newborn Baby Jesus would totally be OK with it.

Seriously, very old school stuff for the stuffing of the stockings. (say that 50 times.)

On another Christmas note, the three gifts per kid idea I am doing this Christmas and indefinitely. SUCH A GREAT IDEA! I know that the goodies Santa is bringing the two hellions are gifts that they will actually use for more than a day. I highly recommend starting this Coco tradition. And I would like for it to be called your "Coco tradition" in your homes if you chose to start this next year.

Thanks for that. Boosts my self esteem a bit.

Erin Condren designs has the most colorful and fun daytimers. I just ordered my 2010 planner. Last year was the first year that I ordered from Erin Condren and I am hooked! I know, I know, I know.. I have a Blackberry. But Coco needs her calendar in front of her while on the computer or the phone. And having a tiny case of OCD, I need need to X out every day after it passes. Weird? Maybe. Does it work for me? Yep. Check out the website, she designs the most creative paper products.

If you need to direct Santa Claus to a website that perhaps may have some toys and games that he could swing by and pick up en route to your chimney, go to Back to Basics Toys.
This will be the third year that I have sent Santa to this website. And I am never disappointed. In fact, both Tessie Mayes and Bramalamadindong are getting all of there Santa gifts from this website. I sent Santa a letter telling him about Back to Basics. He wrote back, thanking me for making it a bit easier for him this holiday season.

I do what I can, Santa. I do what I can. Y'all know how nice I am. And pretty.

One last idea for gift giving is starting the wine glass collection for a friend or close family member. Not to pat myself on the back or anything.....buuuuutttttt.....let's just say that a lot of girlies in my neck of the woods are now doing the fun, different, colorful, unique wine glass collections in their homes as well. And we can than Hubby's Gaga for the start of this trend.
People love it. (though you may have to explain why you are giving just one random wineglass as a gift.)

So that is it for today, class. Now get to LAST MINUTE shopping!!!!

I thought I would throw out my suggestions for the holiday season. Two weeks away!! I don't want it to end!

ta-ta for now

*on a totally different subject, if a friend or family member suggests you go on a random documentary to talk about your drinking problem. and your "final interview" is in a hotel room. you are not filming a documentary. you are on a show called, "Intervention" and you will shortly be on an airplane to California or perhaps Arizona. you will be there for 90 days and will be kicked out for drinking in said rehab. just thought I would let you in on that tip.

* on another subject, i don't know how to spell the following: turqouise, definetely, disapointed.

* until just now, when i hit spellcheck and apparantley spelled those three words correctly. for the first time in 10 years.


The Soladay Family said...

Ryan and I went to The Samplehouse the other day and bought a ton of "old school" candy and little goodies for the boys stockings! Love it bc they need to know about those things from when we were little! We got Carter a real, old-school whoopie cushion!

MamaSue said...

We have been doing the 3 gifts thing for a few years now and so are several of our friends. Amazingly enough Sydney is on board with it.

Deelsu said...

OMG! laughing out loud. The intervention thing kills me too. Even more? HOARDERS! OMG! I am addicted to watching it. Makes me want to grow throw out everything!
And.. those are 3 words I mispell all the time too!

If the shoe FITZ said...

I buy most of the nieces and nephews gifts from Back to Basics and Toys to Grow On.

Donatelli98 said...

So a little more detail on the three toy thing - they get three from you and three from Santa? Call me slow ...

Shannon said...

I'm pretty sure we are following the 3 gift rule this year without even intending to. The problem is that they include things like the newest iPod, fancy noise-canceling headphones and a gift certificate to design custom clothing online. Teens are expensive.

FROGGITY! said...

lol! intervention.

don't get me wrong i love reality tv (mostly) but i always have a hard time believing it...

the 3 gift thing = great idea. thanks for the websites! have a very merry christmas!

Vintage Junky said...

We are starting the Coco Tradition (genius by the way!) in my house this year with a twist... 3 gifts from Santa and boring stuff from us... not really boring, but clothes, a few books, you get the idea. Oh, and Santa will fill the stockings too. So I am calling it Coco with a Twist... kinda sounds like a yummy drink to drink to get through the holidays!


ps if I am EVER put on Intervention I am going to make a big stink. a BIG one. then, maybe they will give me my own show.

starnes family said...

Love the 3 gift idea. I'm planning on making changes next year.....not sure exactly how.....but it will be different!

Allyson and Dave said...

I love the Cracker Barrel!!! They always have fun stuff!!! I need to share the 3 gift rule with my husband. He is big on giving eachother the same number of gifts. And then on Christmas I realize he wraps the batteries as a gift!! He is such a cheater. We wind up with 10-15 gifts each year for eachother and half of mine are batteries.

Sara and Trey said...

I like the 3 gift idea!

And definitely didn't spell definitely correct. Sorry, Coco. :)

Donatelli98 said...

thanks for the clarification on the three gift thing. I am with Casey - I thik there will be changes at the ESPN house next year. I like this idea.

Carrie Darney said...

you don't spell quit right's not quite...or's quit spelling quit wrong...quitter...

The Rand's said...

you make me laugh, coco. out loud!
i just bought a wine glass for my sil, and my cute hubby said, "you're giving her just one wine glass?" um, yea. duh! i think it's the best idea ever! so much fun!!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Bahaha Carrie! Your spelling and contractions drive me insane. But I'm convinced you'd drive me insane either way. Which is why I love you.
(And totally digging the 3 gift idea. Not sure I can pull it off with two Christmas mornings. Damn.)

Live.Love.Eat said...

LOVE Cracker Barrel, to eat & browse during the holidays. We love the little glass container of gumballs & leave it on the counter.

Great tips Ms. Coco. And you know I love your wine glass exchange. Proud member for 2 times straight now.