Wednesday, December 23, 2009

merry christmas, my ladies....

I have the mother effing FLU!!!!!

I was feeling yuck yesterday, last night was yuckier.
Then then this morning, the yuckiest.

So, I drug myself to the doctor, where they tried their best to kill me by sticking a sword up my nostril, and low and behold..the flu!

I have not been sick since I was 5 months pregnant with Tess, and I had strep throat. Strep is awesome because you can get meds and feel better the next day.

SOOOO, I am in bed today, hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I MUST celebrate this glorious holiday with the family.

I have discovered that, I am such a drunk, that NyQuil does not effect me in the least. No drowsiness at all.

Which sucks.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Years.

Ta-ta for now!!

(and yes, that is the prize winning christmas card above. i am displaying my trophy proudly in the powder bath. still the made up christmas card contest winner three years and counting. i love being a winner.
if you ever see the hubs out and about, don't mention my made up christmas card contest. it scares him a little that i make stuff up. it scares him even more when i don't use the filter and tell people about my made up contests and what not. actually, a lot of what i do scares him, so it will just be best if we keep the contest on the down low. which you do know isn't a real contest. right? just one in my head that i have been having since around age 7. thought i should clear that up. but i do want to congratulate 2nd place, casey and 3rd place my sister in law, lacey. no trophies for you two, just some shitty ribbons.)


Shannon said...

Being sick for the holidays is yucky. I would like to enter in the best christmas card contest. Some tough competition this year. :)



starnes family said...

2nd place, my ass. Ask your mother and your brother and your husband who won.


MamaSue said...

Love sorry you are sick. Get better soon.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Nyquil doesn't do anything for me either.
We can be drunks together.
Although, this trusty car wreck scored me a sweet load of muscle rlaxers. Hell yes. That is the only Christmas gift I ever needed.
Feel better soon Cocohead!

The Jones Family said...

We are all sick in this house; cough, cold, congestion, blah blah blah... YUCK. Flu however suchs worse. I'm sorry.

Feel better soon!

Merry Xmas!

Heather said...

Evidently, you did not get my card, because it was by far THE WINNER!!!! LOL

So sorry you are sick. :( Hope you feel better fast.

Vintage Junky said...

Yuck! We have been sick all week long too! Feel better soon!

Merry Christmas!

The Luis Family said...

Hope you are feeling better in time for the jolly man's arrival! We are sick here too! Both girls have colds, cough, and one with a double eye infection! It is all yucky! Merry Christmas Coco Family!!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Oh NO, cannot be sick at Christmas. Go to bed now...drink plenty of fluids. Hang Nyquil...send somebody out for some Rock and Rye....that'll cure what ails you or you won't care...either way, you're better than you are now. Sqeeze a little lemon in it if you need to feel like there's a healthy side to it...

If the shoe FITZ said...

oh no!!!! feel better soon!!!!

Michelle said...

Ugh...feel better! I am so sorry!

Adorable Christmas card!!!!

Londie Living Life said...

Loved the made my day!!! Thanks for thinking of me and my family and I am gonna get that 1st place next year!!! Its on like pop"cone" LOL