Thursday, December 31, 2009

See ya next year...(that never gets old.)

It's gonna be one "WILD AND CRAZY" night tonight.

Hubby, Bram, Tessie Mayes and myself.

Along with Lacey, Burns, Hank and Chase.

And my brother, Bryan, and his (soon to be fiance) Sara.

And my mom and dad.

And my Aunt Melba and Uncle Randy.

And very dear family friends, the Fishbacks. Dan, Lady Bess (her real name) and their two daughters, Annie and Megan.

Are all saddling up and heading west. West Texas that is, to play at the Fishback's beautiful ranch. Which my father is also ranch manager of. His dream come true was when his very best friend bought this beautiful ranch.

It is a super fun bunch of peeps. Lot's of talkers and storytellers and everyone enjoys a cocktail or two. I am very close to each and every person that will be with me tonight. And you know what? It really doesn't get any better than that.

Life isn't just good.

It's awesome! (sorry, I kind of went all cheeseball on you, but it's true. I'm blessed.)

I will be taking plenty of pictures, so we will have photo evidence of the crazy shenanigans that will be going on. You know how nutty things get with a 14, 11, 6, 4, 3 and 2 year old partying it up with you. Watch OUT!!!!!

Everyone be safe and don't do anything that I wouldn't do!!

Don't drink and drive. Call a cab! Or just don't drink. Or just don't drive. Walk home. Even the backseat of your car makes an ok bed. I mean, if you're too drunk to drive, you probably will be too drunk to really be picky about your sleeping arrangements. And let's face it, the backseat of your car is much more comfy than a jail cell that will cost you upwards to $10,000.00

I'm just trying to be helpful.

Remember, I am nice and thoughtful like that. And mega pretty.

Ta-ta for now, I will see you next year! (hehehehehehehe)

Does anyone wanna make a bet on approximately what time tomorrow Hubby tells me, "enough!" with the "see you next year" talk?

I'm betting by noon.


starnes family said...

Mega pretty indeed!

Happy New Year, love. Enjoy your wild night!

The Jones Family said...

Happy New Year!

FROGGITY! said...

Happy New Year!!!

Be safe!

MamaSue said...

Super-mega pretty! Please be careful and have a great time. Give everyone hugs from me!

Deelsu said...

Have fun and be careful! Happy New Year!

Vintage Junky said...

Happy New Year! Have fun!

Sara and Trey said...

Be safe and have fun! Happy, happy New Year, pretty one!!

Tiffany said...

Happy New Year!

timmonstimes said...

I just saw a commercial for David Letterman...your boy, Robert Pattison is going to be his guest tonight. At least I think they said tonight. You probably already know but thought I'd tell ya if not :)

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Wish you were closer because you make the night sound like it's going to be so much fun that I'd be a party crasher!

Donatelli98 said...

Hey - take some pictures of Lacey ... so I can show Uncle Greg - we are in Tampa this weekend for a friend's wedding and he will be here too. I just love that her name is my maiden name and Chatty's name! Have fun!

Momma to the A's said...

Hope it was a rock'n good time!!

Happy New Year Coco and to your cute family too!

Kristin said...

I hope you had a fabulous time!! I'm guessing you did!! Happy new year.
: )

Live.Love.Eat said...

That is super cool that your Dad is a ranch manager. Man, your New Years Eve sounds remarkable!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year girl!!!!