Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm alive!! Thank God Almighty, I'm alive!!!!

I didn't die. That is good.

AND you know what is even gooder? I was able to snap the above picture of Bram walking in and seeing his stockings. So excited about THE STOCKINGS. My precious devil boy didn't even realize the play room had a plethora of new toys in it from Santa. And under the tree, lie tons of presents from Iddy, Pa, aunts and uncles. This is his reaction from the stockings alone. My angel dude. The kid never ceases to amaze me.

Anyhoo, I was SO certain I was going to die, that I didn't even have a sip of wine the entire duration of my illness. I was afraid of it being on my toxicology report. Then everyone would be all like, "why was Coco drinking wine when she was running a 102.5 fever?" And since I would be dead I wouldn't be able to explain, "a glass of wine helps kick in the NyQuil or the Tylenol P.M. that I took. DUH. Everyone knows that. You should totally try it."

Geez. So I had a lot going on. Too much on my mind to bother with the kids and their Christmas morning shenanigans.

Though, I did feel a little better Christmas morning. Still dizzy and shaky but no fever. So it made for crap pictures. And since I looked like a total homeless person train wreck (i know? right.), there are NO PICS of the Coconator. No way, Jose.

Moving right along......

Normally, I buy new Christmas pjs every year, for the kids. Not for me. Do they even make Christmas pjs in adult sizes? But I digress, so the kid's Christmas pjs, this didn't happen. This makes me sad. My kids were dressed in Batman pajamas and a summer nightgown that was too small on Christmas morning. Not cute, but what are ya gonna do?

Hubs had his hands full. Being Superdad and Superhubs is hard work. That is why our diaper bag, kid's coats, and a few other kid necessities have been left all over Austin and Texas Hill Country.

I think Adam has a new appreciation of how I keep stuff from getting left places or lost completely. Much less making sure nobody dies on a day to day bases. It's hard.

And let's keep moving right along.......

Here are some crappy pictures of our morning. (please remember I was still a little dizzy and shaky.)

TA-DA! Santa brought Bram a bike. Hopefully, he will be riding sans training wheels sooner than later. I don't care either way, but the kid keeps telling folks he rides sans training wheels (he doesn't say "sans" he just says, "I don't have training wheels anymore because I'm five.")

Not true. He DOES ride with training wheels and he is FOUR not FIVE. I try not to encourage my kids lying. Well, unless it benefits me in some way but this training wheels business does not. So, I really hope he rides without trainers soon so he isn't making up randomness to strangers.

I'm a good mom like that. And pretty to boot. Good combo.

Tess received a mini trampoline. Sometimes, she can be a tad bit slow straight out of the gate and used it as a bed for her babies.

She's so pretty.

What Dr. Dentist? Cavities? Are you sure? Well, I have no idea how that happened! Candy? No! Never! I'm shocked! Just shocked!!

From Iddy and Pa. They encourage the wine drinking. I think they know that "a couple that "unwinds" together, stays together." Thanks Iddy and Pa!! Now if we can actually store wine without drinking it, we are in business!

A whoopie cushion in the stocking. That was a super smart idea. Good times for everyone. I even got in on the fun. But honestly, I can do a better job on my own. Just throwin' that out there and keepin' it real.

You're welcome.

Aunt Abby gave Tess a Kaboodle of make-up! Glittery make-up to boot.

You see, I give Kaboodles filled to the rim of crappy make-up to all my girlfriend's little girls for their 4th birthdays. I am the cool mom. Aaaaannnnnnnddddd I think it is pretty freaking funny when I hear how they had to wipe royal blue eyeliner off their little angels right before church or how one had her Lee press on nails stuck on their baby brother.

So thanks Aunt Abby for the wonderful Christmas present. Baby Jesus is laughing at me right about..... now.

Jackpot! Aunt Abby, Aunt Nicole, Uncle Blake and Aunt Nicki all sent presents to the house via reindeer. They didn't want to get the flu. How dare them, doesn't everyone like to lie in bed smelling like syrup and waiting to die?! The kiddos got some pretty cool stuff. Thanks guys!

A maid's cleaning cart from Santa! Santa has big dreams for my girl. Big dreams.

Go hard or GO HOME! That's how Santa and I roll. Go get em', Tess!

Tessie Mayes caught on FAST! Girlfriend loves to jump. Just ask Casey. I don't think Lainey's crib will ever be the same. Sorry bout that.

That wraps up my Christmas photos. I really dropped the ball this year and I am feeling a bit alone, isolated and insecure about it. Hopefully, my New Years Eve pictures will bring back the confidence I have lost this weekend.

Fingers crossed.

Here are some randoms.

Above is a creative way to wrap wine glasses. I used large dishtowels and tied with a ribbon. Cute and useful.

My Aunt Suzanne made these little wine bottles for all her nieces. Each one was painted with a cute whimsy Christmassy thingy on them. I chose this one. Just a wine bottle, paint it and then stuff with a short strand of Christmas lights. Love it. I am totally doing this next year.
And if you're lucky....YOU might be getting one from me, Christmas 2010. So you better mind your ps and qs.

What else?

Oh yeah! Hubby won a Wii during our annual Christmas Poppy Bingo. That is what we do with Hubby's dad's family. Instead of the grown kids all getting lots of gifts, Maggie (aka: Madelyn, Adam's step mom) buys super cool gifts. Gift certificates to Nordies or Sephora, hunting paraphernalia (all the men are avid hunters), plane tickets to Vegas. You get the picture, really good presents. AND WE PLAY BINGO FOR THESE PRESENTS.

I didn't get to attend the festivities this year, so it was aaallllll on the Hub's shoulders. And he was victorious. A Wii! And a 16 inch flat screen television with a DVD player. Pretty cool, no?

Moral of the story is, I don't think I am going to have much interaction with Hubby until the Wii breaks.

That is unless we buy Guitar Hero OR American Idol. Then it will be ON like DONKEY KONG!!!

That is it for now, I hope everyone had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Christmas weekend.

Ta-ta for now!!!!


MamaSue said...

Glad you are the pic of Bram. My sis-in-law made the wine bottle decorations too so cute. I guess I will have to start drinking other than when I'm at your house:)

Heather said...

so glad you are feeling better!

are there any single guys in your hub's family cuz I'd like to get in on a little of that Christmas action. ;)

precious Bram and Tessie Mayes - so glad they had a great Christmas!

Angie said...

so glad you are on the mend! i was sick on christmas day last year. it was horrible :(

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I think you did a FANtabulous job considering that you were at death's door. And that husband of yours...what a guy. He just might deserve a Life of a Southern Belle award for persevering through the "smells like syrup incident" of 2009. I'm groovin on that wine cooler. Am thinking that might be a great gift for Hank next year. Glad you're feeling better. Your posts have been cracking me up this week.

The Jones Family said...

Glad to hear you didn't die; I don't think Casey would survive if you died?!

Happy New Year!

Hope to see you in 2010!

Deelsu said...

love the pic of Bram and the stockings, the wine frige(we got one too just recently), and the BINGO game?? How cool are your families? Trips for Christmas an awesome BINGO game?! coolness...
As for the DONKEY Kong SIL says that all the time. First time I've heard someone say it until you!

Sassafrass Jane said...

No wine the entire time?! That's probably what was making you sicker. DUH. But that's okay, I drank enough for the both of us. And maybe even the whole city.
Love Tessie's mini tramp. I would have killed for one of those!
I will be minding my ps and qs. That lit up bottle is glorious.

If the shoe FITZ said...

glad you are on the mend!
love that pic of TM jumping. super cute!

Sara and Trey said...

Good luck stocking the wine cooler. Ours is ALWAYS empty. Always. It's really embarrassing, actually.
Love, love, love the pic of Bram's reaction to the stockings and of Miss Tess jumping on her tramp. Great pics...especially for an invalid. :) Glad you're feeling better though! Now, go have a glass of wine. Well....maybe not right this second. But, have one at lunch! xoxo

Londie Living Life said...

I"m gonna show the hubs that wine bottle idea!! I love it.

I loved all the pics. Don't feel bad about not taking tons of pics or the christmas jammies. You are a phenomenal mommy!!!

So glad you could celebrate with your family. Can I go to Adam's dad's house to get in on that bingo? I need to win something great like that!!!!