Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two posts back to back. You're welcome.

How fun! Casey gave me an award. Thanks my love. I don't know if anyone is aware of this but because of blogland, Casey and I have become very good friends in "real life" as well.

Anyhoo, in order to properly accept this award I need to list 10 things that make me happy.

Of course my kids, my precious Hubs and my wonderful family make me happy first and foremost. So those aren't going to be on the list.

10 things that make me happy:

1) Robert Pattinson. I love you, Robby. My uterus is here if you ever need a place for your baby.

2) The great state of Texas. Texans are VERY proud to be from Texas. To the point of being obnoxious. I am an 8th generation Texan and can't imagine living anywhere else. Our state is special.

3) Our Sleep Number bed. Worth every single penny. Hubby and I first slept on a Sleep Number bed at the Radisson, downtown Austin on our 2 year anniversary. Let's just say instead of what most folks do on their anniversary.....we spent the night deciding what sleep number we were.

I am a 35. Adam is a 60. In case you were wondering.

4) A good Shiraz. Layer Cake is my favorite. It is hard to find and seasonal. Or so I was told. I know I joke about being a drunk. I really am not AND alcoholism is not funny. BUT Coco does have a glass of wine each night while preparing dinner. Sometimes more than one. It is medicinal. Just ask Dr. Oz.

5) Indian food. I could eat Indian food every day of the week. I don't even like to talk about Indian food because it makes me crave it. It is so yummy and spicy and heavenly. You must try it. If you don't like might want to skip it. But if you don't mind curry and give this culinary delight a try.....have a bathroom nearby. Sometimes it can jumpstart your system like you would not believe. Just a courtesy warning.

6) Reading. I am a huge reader. Surprised aren't you? You thought I was an airhead didn't you? I have a book going at all times and have since I was very young. In fact, in second grade I had to go to the library for reading class, along with two other students (one being our future high school valedictorian, who went on to graduate with honors from Duke University. Then rec'd her Masters from "somewhere else smart" and now works on Capital Hill. Where the hell did I go wrong?) Go TECH!

We were so far off the reading charts we had special books and a reading group with the librarian, Mrs. DUKE (oh the irony).

My favorite book of all times being, "To Kill a Mockingbird," which I read in 4th grade. If it weren't for the hubs, my daughter would be Scout. If I get another baby girl, she will be Scout.

David Sedaris is another one of my favorite authors. Try it. You'll like it.

7) Country Music. I love pop, 80's, easy listening, the whole gammit of music. But country music is what takes me back. As a wee little child, I would put a towel on my head, stand on a chair, use a pool stick as a microphone, pretend I was Crystal Gayle and make up country songs for HOURS.

I only answered to "Crystal" for a few days. My parents were so concerned.

Merle Haggard, Waylon Jenning, King George, Tim McGraw. Love it all. Though I am not a huge fan of women country singers, I do like "Fancy" from Reba McIntyre and can sing you the entire song, accent and all, upon request.

8) Barbequeing on the back porch with friends. There is no fancy restaraunt in the world that can beat sitting on the back porch with friends. Watching the kids play. Sipping on a margarita or nice glass of wine. The Hubby cooking steaks or salmon. A brisket or ribs on the grill. Yummy sides made by yours truly and delicious appetizers brought by friends. It's the best.

9) A bath. I take a hot bath every single night of the week. I always have. I read in the bath as well. So never lend me a book that you want to get back in good shape. As hard as I try the book always gets wet and never looks the same. A bath and a book and bubbles. Every night.

10) Antiquing and junking. My hobby. I love it and love getting ideas from all of the decor blogs. I can always find lots of stuff in any antique store or flea market. When we first moved into town, and Bram was a bebe, I would take a $10 or $20 bill, leave my wallet at home, and see what I could find for that little amount. I was always successful. It is also a fun place to find birthday, housewarming or Christmas gifts that are inexpensive and fun!

There you go. 10 things that make me very happy!

I am going to pass on the love to the following:

1) Vintage Junky- can y'all tell my new obsession with her? Love her style and she is as crazy about RPat as I am.

2) Angry Julie-I think of her as my OC twin. Our dudes are just days apart and it seems if one of us is doing something or purchased something or thinks they have a great idea....the other person has just done it, just thought of it or just bought it!

3) Greygill-my dream of all dreams is to have her photograph my children. She does come to Texas a lot so I might have to travel north to her this summer and have her take pics of my family. Her work is my favorite. And she is sweet. And I consider her a friend.

4) Mamasue-real life family member and friend. I love you!!

5) Live.Love.Eat.-She is kind of famous. I love her and love her recipes. I even have a Live.Love.Eat. cookbook. A print out of all her recipes. Kisses!!

That's all I got. Two posts in one day has worn me out. I need a nap. And to do laundry. And entertain my children. And brush my teeth. Unload the dishwasher. Feed the dogs. Get dinner out to thaw. Finish putting up ornaments. Take the trash out. And change what smells to be the stinkiest diaper Tessie Mayes has ever produced.

ta-ta for now!!


Live.Love.Eat said...

OK here goes, looking at my Coco notes:

The uterus....GREAT opening. Another laugh out loud moment.

Layer Cake're KILLING me mentioning another wine I am dying to try but probably won't find like the Inkberry.

Hot bath every night....GOOD for you. Wow.

BBQ in backyard....I totally agree!!!!

Award.........THANK YOU!!!! So sweet what you wrote!!!!

starnes family said...

I'm starting to wonder if you love Vintage Junkie more than me.


Allyson and Dave said...

Fancy is the best song ever!!! My Dad is a huge Reba fan so I grew up with her music.

timmonstimes said...

I never type LOL (don't know why but just don't). The only thing I can say to sum up this post is, "laughing out loud"! Happy Almost New Year :)

Vintage Junky said...

Thanks sooo much! And I do love me some Rob. And some Margaritas too. Tell Casey that my best friend has a little jealousy issue when I forward your letters to Robert to her... apparently I said something in a comment that had her worried...


ps. I am trying to patent bathtub adult books.... not nasty adult books, but waterproof books that we can enjoy in the bathtub... I hate getting my books wet!

Deelsu said...

I can sing the entire song Fancy as well with accent too! ;)
Agree with the backyard bbq and as for wine. I drink a glass every night too.

Angry Julie Monday said...

I love how you umm described me, hilarious!

Kristin said...

Guess I didn't properly appreciate Houston when I lived there. Ah ha ha. Although, I do REALLY miss the food!

greygillfish said...

Yes, TX is the greatest state; however, no matter how far South I move, I WILL NEVER be a longhorn fan. :)

How do you have time to read, and take a bath every night? You should do a post on time management. Sounds like you have it down!

We NEED to start planning our trip! I will come to your parent's house to take pics and then we can drive to Forney and Canton. Sound like a plan???

Thanks Again for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

okay, so i think i mentioned that david sedaris book on another blog the other day and called it 'naked.' in that comment i was proclaiming to be a huge sedaris fan. and now that i see the book is really called...crap, now i can't remember. something with corduroy. i look like a total poser.

stopping by per suggestion by 'the starnes family.' following you!