Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Friday Kansas City thoughts by Coco....

Are you ready? Well, here we go!

1) the above photograph is my homemade coco Advent calendar. I had the "You must believe to receive" sign and didn't know what to do with it. SO with scrapbook paper, some clothespins and a little paint, I made a really cute Advent calendar. It has been a total hit in the house. Just a recommendation. No candy or tiny presents involved.

2) I loved Kansas City. Loved it. BUT I found some of the people to be quite taken aback by my talkativeness and perhaps my loudness. It bugged me. I am kind of used to being answered back or at least smiled at. Not so much. Lots of blank stares. But I get it, Texans are loud and animated, I don't think Midwesterners knew what the hell had just happened to them when I walked away.

3) It was really neat to see things that old in a city. In Texas, most things that are old are jails and hotels. And those are usually in ghost towns that you just happen to drive through. Visiting KC makes me want to venture out. I want to see cities such as, Boston, Connecticut, Maryland, etc.

4) I love Casey. I really do. If anyone ever doubts that you can find love on the Internet. You totally can. Neither one of us knew how this visit was going to go down. Do we talk every single day? Yes. Do we know our some pretty juicy secrets about the other? Yes. Have we met in person before? Yes. Yet, we had never been together, in person, for longer than a long lunch. It was perfect. We parent the same, our husbands are the same, our marriages are the same, our views on life are the same, and our high maintenance versus laid backness.....the same. The only difference is she uses her filter and I tend to forgo mine.

5) Kansas City is effing freezing. FREEZING. And it wasn't even that cold when we were there. Just colder than our little family is used to. Yowzer! How do people in Canada and Alaska do it?
Totally makes sense that those folks in Alaska get PAID to live there. Holy Toledo!

6) My kids are rock stars. 19 hours to get there. 0 temper tantrums. 0 meltdowns. AND our DVD player worked only in increments. SOOOOOO, it was a lot of Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Michael Jackson, and Maroon Five that kept us going. The same thing on the way back. Only 14 hours and perfection from both. Praise GOD for Nick Carter and Justin Timberlake. I always knew this to be true but now it is confirmed.

7) Right now, Tess and Bram's favorite song is, "The Call" from the Backstreet Boys. Over and over and over and over and over and over again. This actually seemed appropriate on our drive since the song is about cheating. The Tiger Woods scandal is all. over. the. news.

8) Speaking of the Tiger Woods scandal...I totally called it. The day after his wife beat the ever living shit out of him with the golf club and then he wrecked and then whatever after that.

I told Hubs, "She did not pull him out of an SUV from the back window. No way. Girlfriend found out something scandalous and went after his ass with a golf club. Then he wrecked and she panicked, so this crazy story was made up." As God is my witness, I made that statement. And I was RIGHT!

9) And good for you Elin Woods.
You can have your opinion on this subject, but if Hubby had a "digression" at some point in our marriage, I would want us to go to counseling to figure out what went wrong and work it out.
ELEVEN mistresses that you were having freaky deaky with, like handcuffs and spanking and "I'm going to tear you up" fun with? And with ELEVEN WOMEN? HELL TO THE NO! Tiger is lucky, he is a golfer. Hubby is a hunter NOT a golfer. We don't have nine irons laying around. We have guns. Just sayin'.

(and before anyone thinks we have kids and then have guns laying around, we don't. we have a gun safe. in a closet. in the garage. safety first.)

10) I found my new favorite wine, it is "Inkberry" half Shiraz and half Cab. Runs about 12.99 a bottle. I highly recommend.

11) I think water from different places gives me tummy trouble. Like explosive, "wow, this is wrong and sad tummy trouble." I had it many times in KC. For no reason. Ask Casey, she had my kids AND her kids at the Crayola store for 30 minutes while I hunted down a semi-private bathroom. When you got to go, you got to go. Yet, you want to be courteous with your "situation" as well. I will not unleash if there is a line. So it took me about 15 minutes to find the equivalent to a Neiman's (they have very good bathrooms)and do the do. Trust me. It was in every one's best interest.

12) Carter is going to be the best husband ever on the planet. Goodness, I hope Bram is like him at nine. The precious boy cried telling us good-bye before school. Love him. Love him. Love him. Casey and Blake, y'all have done good. Done real good.

13) Lainey and Tessie Mayes speak in tongue when together. No lie. Ask Case.

14) Jack gave me a new "goodbye" for my family. You say, "hug, kiss, sorry." Don't ask me. Casey needs to explain. Precious and odd all rolled up in one precious blond headed, beautiful boy.

15) Speaking of precious, odd, beautiful blond boys, Bram said that he wanted to punch "Santa in the face today." I think the pressure of being "watched" is getting to him.

16) After the above statement came out of his mouth he panicked and said, loudly, "OH, NO! Was anyone listening? Did he hear this? I was just kidding. JUST KIDDING. Please put Backstreet Boys back on!"
and then he stared blankly out the window hoping and praying Santa missed that one.

17) Like I said, the pressure of Good+ Santa = Presents, is totally getting to him. So confused, just so, so confused. Lots of pent up wildness. Could you imagine?
Be strong, Bram. Be strong.

18) I kind of felt like I got screwed in the whole public education thing. When the whole, Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS was presented to me this past weekend.......Coco was confused.

19) Sass may be the most beautiful human being I have ever seen in person. And she is funny. And she is smart. I thought I was really pretty until I met her. Dayum. She was God's favorite. I thought I was, per my parents. They lied.

20) Last one, speaking of Sass, she was a doll and gave Case and I Christmas presents. She presented me with a Robert Pattinson 2010 calendar. I have it hanging loudly and proudly outside my powder bath. And have been having weird dreams that involve this beautiful man. Weirdest dream was I was pregnant with Hubby's baby and RPat said it was his. WHHHHAAAATTTT????? But in my dream I was praying it was my sweet Hub's baby. Some weird doctor did some weird test on my elbow and it ended up....... Hubby WAS my baby daddy. I woke up very happy. Robert Pattinson gives me some fun, weird, wild dreams. Yet, in the end I realize......Hubby is the the winner!!!
Goooo Hubby!!!!

That is it with the randoms. And I feel I need to give a bit of an explanation..."Random Thoughts by Coco." are just that. Whatever pops in my head AS I am typing. No thinking. No nothing. They just come. And I just type. And I hope you enjoy. AND I hope in 50 + years after I am dead, my kids enjoy reading them and realize that they are very well adjusted adults considering their momma was a bit of a nut.

Have a fabulous fun loving family hugging, food eating, wine drinking weekend!

ta-ta for now!


MamaSue said...

Poor Bram...the pressure!

By the way, I'm thinking Sydney and Carter need to meet in about 15 years...after college...she is nine too! Then you and Casey would sort of be related?!

Deelsu said...

So many things were going through my head as I was reading this post!
* need to try that new wine
* Bram cracks me up with the 'punch Santa in the face'..
* and WOW! 19-hours and no meltdowns? That's AWESOME!
Happy Friday!

starnes family said...

Love your idea Mama Sue!

I heard Elin is telling Tiger to quit golf or else. Sounds about right to me.....the "perks" of his on-the-road adventures seem to be too much to deny.

Thanks for not mentioning McDonalds in this random post.

Advent calendar is darling.

Glad you like KC. I love all the old stuff, too.

Inkberry sounds fabulous!

Donatelli98 said...

Where to start???
*Public restroom issues - so with you on that one! Why can't everyone have restrooms like Nieman's?
*No meltdowns in the car? Amazing!
*Being a little nutty gives your kids character!
*No Santa pressure in our house - my kids still misbehave!
*Holy cuteness on the advent calendar - love it!

greygillfish said...

So much to take in with these random thoughts of yours, but I love it.

*The advent calendar is AWESOME! You are so crafty and that.

*19 hours in the car with two kids...yes, you just confirmed your insanity.

*cracks me up...Southerners vs. Midwesterners. I am sure you had some people saying WTF! Isn't it funny how people are so different only two states away.

*How awesome that you and Cas met on the internet! Sounds like a great friendship!

*Have a great weekend!

Momma to the A's said...

Love, Love, Love your randomness! You crack me up!

I am totally impressed with no meltdowns during that looooong drive! Way to go Bram and Tessie Mayes!

A1 is totally with Bram on the pressure of Good + Santa = Presents. She was afraid to sit on his lap and could barely get out her request for Christmas. Hang in the little man!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Sara and Trey said...

So glad you had such a great time in KC with Casey!! 19 WOW!
Will have to try that wine. My recommendation to you: Parker Station Pinot Noir. Delish. Central Market around $12.99. My fave!
Advent calendar is so crafty and cute. What talent you have!
Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

Yea, I can comment now! Thanks for changing that setting.

So happy you had fun in KC. I was nervous when Case moved there from beautiful Colorado but happy that it's worked out well.

You're right about wanting to visit other cities for old stuff. KC is a baby in terms of age and the US overall is. The ruins in Rome will really impress you.

My kids are much older than yours and have been doing long road trips their whole lives and we've never done one without a meltdown. Kudos to them.

We sometimes take water filters when we go new places. We had a European trip ruined when my husband was sick from the water there once. Just drink bottled water or use a filter and see if that helps.

My high school aged girl has a crush on Carter too. He's only 1 year older than my son but what a huge difference in personality. Oozes personality that kid.

Based on her blog, my husband had already come to the conclusion that Sass was the most beautiful person ever. Thanks for confirming it in real life. :)

Love the randomness and look forward to commenting from now on. :)

If the shoe FITZ said...

Yes..Carter is the bomb.

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Oh my gosh, I loved learning more about you! And girl, I am with you 100% on the Tiger Woods thing. Pigdog.

Have a happy weekend!

FROGGITY! said...

i don't even have a response, i am too busy rolling on the floor laughing! y'all crack me up.

The Soladay Family said...

Love the Bram good vs. bad things! Freakin' hillarious! Tough life!

And Tiger...ya...jackass.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Poor Bram!! Lainy's feeling the pressure too. Today she burst into tears in the car after she snapped at Sophia. She said she was upset because "I don't waaaaaan't a lump of coooaaaal!!" Poor kid.

I'm glad you found love with Casey, and I'm glad you choose hubs over Eddy. Whew. But the real question? Hubs over Casey? Yikes.

I'm sorry I was the one to make you realize your parents are liars. Life is tough.

timmonstimes said...

Ok so I'm just going to lay it out there since you and Casey didn't know each other until meeting via internet...I stalk your blog :) In a normal way of course! I am a friend of Amber Clay's - we grew up together. She actually introduced me to the whole bloggin world last year after I had my daughter. And at first I thought it would be wierd to read someone's blog I didn't know. Nope, not wierd at all. I love you and Casey's blogs and have been contemplating making a comment without sounding like a wierdo but Amber assured me that you guys didn't know each other so here I am. I also went to Tech so I love your Red Raider shout outs!

Melanie Timmons :) Oh and I have a blog too but it's not entertaining and witty...just an online scrapbook for my baby girl!

starnes family said...

Hi, Melanie, it's Casey! I'm dying to see your blog....but it's not attached to your profile. Help!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Ok, if you have a recipe binder then I should have a Coco Note Pad for your random thoughts. I WILL try that new wine for sure. And so awesome you found love & friendship over the internet.

I have been fortunate & found something similar but a trip won't be until next May.