Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santaisms. By Bram and Tess.

"I really don't want Santa to come in my room while I'm sleeping. That is weird." -bram

"that is weird." -tess

"I'm not so sure Santa is going to see Jack. I'm just not so sure about that. It doesn't look good." -bram

"Santa is NOT real." (panicked look by the little a-hole.) "I'm JUST KIDDING! Santa is SO SO SO real." -bram

"so real." -tess

coco: "Tess, is Santa going to come see you?"
tess: "Yes."
coco: "What is Santa going to bring you?
tess: "Presents."
coco: "I know. But what kind of presents?"
tess: "Presents."
coco: "But what kind of presents? What will be in the presents?"
tess: "Presents."
(she is still a little unclear on this whole santa/presents/tree/chimney/elf on the shelf situation.)

"I bet Santa was so happy the day Jesus was born." -bram

"Jesus was born." -tess

"I know the guys brought Jesus three gifts. But Santa brought him tons more. So Santa is bringing 100 presents. Not three. No way." -bram

"I want to punch Santa in the face." -bram

"punch Santa in the face." -tess

"that Santa is stupid!" -bram

"is stupid." -tess
"Can you talk to Santa about bringing me some lasers?" -bram

"I don't know who that guy thinks he's foolin'." -bram (some weird guy holding a sale sign outside of a furniture store, dressed kind of like santa.)

"Don't worry about it, Santa knows what I'm talking about." -bram

coco: "Tess, what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?"
tess: "Presents."
coco: "What KIND OF PRESENTS?"
tess: "Presents."
coco: (defeated) "Forget it."

The above Santaisms have been recorded by yours truly over the past several weeks. Tess isn't quite catching on. At all. Sister is usually just reciting what her nutso brother says. And Bram is testing the waters with the whole good vs. evil thing and the actual receiving of the gifts.

It would be a little funny if Christmas morning, I actually did put just a lump of coal in his stocking. Watch him panic for about 30 minutes, while I sit back and enjoy my coffee and Baileys. And then bring out his presents and say, "JUST KIDDING! Santa wanted me to teach you a tiny lesson."

Hmmmm.....that would really be funny. I wonder if the Hubs would be on board for that little lesson.

ta-ta for now!


starnes family said...

Now, that is the Christmas spirit.

And, darn good parenting if you ask me.

Carrie Darney said...

Love it! That Bram...he cracks me up! And the TM just repeating...awesome..

Ann said...

Those are too stinkin funny!!

Vintage Junky said...

write a book! Those are hilarious!


The Soladay Family said...

I a weird sort of way...that he calls Santa "stupid"!

Donatelli98 said...

LMAO - at your post and Casey's comment. But honestly I can't say I haven't thought about that myself too! As far as Tess' comments, sounds like Bia - she repeats everything Chatty says! I love Brams one liners - so awesome!

Shannon said...

I think Santa should totally bring lasers. That's my kinda request, Bram.

(Mine decided last year to not tell us what he asked Santa for as a little test. Very effective!)

Deelsu said...

Love this post! Laughing. Lump of coal! He would FREAK!

FROGGITY! said...

coco, get thee to a publisher, that shizz is funny.

i love how tess is a parrot!! so cute.

The Jones Family said...

Those kids of yours are pretty damn funny; they must take after their father! LOL

Sassafrass Jane said...

This is BY FAR my most favorite conversation with you. I'm so glad it's documented!
Coco: Tessie what do you want for lunch?
Bram: I want grilled cheese!
Tess: Grilled cheese.
Coco: Are you sure? Tessie, what do YOU want?
Tess: silence.
Coco: You have no $^$%in clue when no one says anything, huh?!

IN LOVE. Might be calling you soon to hear this. I need it in my life.

The Lenzers said...

finally catching up on everyones posts. KC looks like it was a good time. and go ahead give the kiddos some coal. we all got it when we were 6....only tramatized me for a year or so!

timmonstimes said...

So funny! So very funny :)

Kristin said...

"It doesn't look good." DYING!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Girlfriend, hilarious. And coffee and baileys? That's my tradition on Xmas morn. I think Maggie Gyllenhal and Sheri O'Teri were sisters in another life.

I am perusing back to find the name of that red wine you recommended. Inklings or something? Gonna go find it but realized I missed this Cuckoo post.

Michelle said...

They are precious! You will be so happy you recorded this converstaion. So cute how Tess is copying Bram. That kid is a hoot!