Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby face,

You've got the cutest little Baby Face, there's not another one that could take you place, Baby Face

My poor heart is thumping you must of started somethin'

Baby Face, I'm up in heaven when I'm in your warm embrace

I didn't need a shove, 'cause I just fell in love

With your pretty Baby Face!

Happy Friday!!!! Is it me or is there a possibilty that Miss Tess will need to get fitted for some flippers in the very near future?


starnes family said...

And highlights and a spray tan. Lots of glitter, too.

Worried if you had to look that term up or already knew it.

Heather said...

I was thinking the same thing... that you actually knew what "flippers" were!

Miss Tess is adorable!

Coco said...

I already knew what flippers were. ONLY because I am obsessed with the baby pageant documentaries.

Michelle said...

I was so confused and thinking flip flops? I can't believe there is such a term!
Miss Tess is PRECIOUS!

Something In The Glass said...

Lord, she's cute.

KDLOST said...

hahaha flippers! no she's perfect! please momma no flippers!

i love that song, by the way, did a tap dance to it when i was 4 and it's stuck with me all of these years. :)

Amber Clay said...

I'm lost in the world of pagents. I thought you were talking about the song, "Flipper" (which I know all the words to in case you ever need them). Such a sweetie!!!

Angry Julie Monday said...

LMAO. Love her little teeths..

Angie said...

While you're at it, you might as well go for some extensions, too.