Thursday, February 26, 2009


My STUPID Dell computer is not acknowledging my little photo card so I can't download pictures.

And boy do I have some cute ones. Hopefully, one day y'all will get to witness the cuteness of these said photos. Sigh.

OK, tonight is Bunko. Bunko is a big hit with the mommas in town. Last month it was at my house and 20 moms went through 22 bottles of wine and a bottle of tequila. Nice.

Everyone brings some wine and an appetizer or dessert. It is a blast and lately we really haven't been playing a whole lot of Bunko. Just a lot of eating, drinking and talking.

On another note, we are having some serious teething issues up in here. Bram never was bothered but LAWDY! is Miss Tess not handling this teething situation very well. Poor baby only has four teeth, you read correctly four teeth, and I think at 17 months they are all coming in at once. Besides Tylenol any suggestions?

Blah. She is not napping right now and crying. 6 more hours until Drunko.


Live.Love.Eat said...

I would so love to do a Bunko in my house once a month. That sounds like sooooo much fun!!!!!!!! As for Tess, does she have some chew toys? Hope she gets through it before it drives you mad!!!!

MamaSue said...

Tylenol and baby orajel...don't forget the nightime baby orajel as well. FYI...Sydney says the grape Tylenol ALWAYS works the best.

Heather said...

Can I come to your bunko???!!!!! Seriously that sounds fun!
Poor Tess :(

The Soladay Family said...

I don't know...a shot of tequila....for you of course!

starnes family said...

For you:

I'd make that about 6 shots.

For Tess:

****anything frozen that she can bite into without choking should she get a chunk (waffles, pancakes, etc)
****teething tablets (homeopathic tablets found at Babies R Us that you put under their tongue or drop into a sippy cup to dissolve)
****ice in their juice
****dampen a baby washcloth and freeze it; then let her chew on it...they love the textured side

If the shoe FITZ said...

I was at a baby shower last week and this one mom said she used Orajel...but the Orajel that comes on a q-tip and when you bend it the orajel comes out. It's apparently easier to use that sticking your finger in the kid's mouth.

Drunko...that was funny.

Michelle said...

Have fun at Bunko! Our neighborhood has monthly Bunko too.
I used the homeopathic teething drops for Luke. They have winnie the pooh on the box. Healing Naturals or something?

Coco said...

Oh Fitz, I bet you loved that interesting conversation about the orajel. HA!

I have tried all the homeopathic stuff and it if it numbs her mouth it tends to just piss her off more.

Monica Clift said...

Bunko is fun....we also play Pokeno! Either one we decide to play turns into more of a happy hour anyway!