Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Tag

Happy Monday! My heart is still heavy, but I have babies to love on and a beautiful home to make homier. This is how I am going to busy myself this week, crafting.

I am blessed and all I can do is pray for peace for Cora's mommy and daddy. And remind myself that Cora is happier than all of us right now!

I was tagged by Allison and this was perfect timing, it put lots of smiles on my face.

Here are the rules:Post your favorite 5 pictures and tell why you love each one so much. Can't wait to see yours, so once you've been tagged...I know there's been a lot of that going around, but I thought this would be fun and easy...copy & paste the directions in your own blog, post your favorites and tag a few more...if you want!

1) I think this picture is one of my favorites, Tess is looking at Bram like, "I am going to laugh and go with it but why the hell is mom laughing at us and taking pictures. And by the way, why are we dressed up like bugs?"

2) This is a picture of Bram at about 17 months. I love this picture. He is sitting on a fake tractor, clearly not pulling a mound of pumpkins, but his expression is priceless. This picture sits on my nightstand and makes me laugh every time I look at it.

3) Ahhhh, family of four. This is Bram's first time to meet Tessie Mayes. Look how intrigued he is. She is only a few hours old, I still had on an ugly hospital gown. Trust me, I bought two pairs of pink jammies for the event!!

4) No words. 2007 Christmas card/birth announcement picture. My all time favorite. This is hanging in our bedroom. Priceless.

5) I don't know why this is one of my favorites, but it is. First bath at home. Not happy. I just love her sad little face. "Why oh why did I have to come out of that warm happy place?"

Thanks Allison, it was fun to go through pictures I haven't looked at in awhile. Of course, I have a million of "favorites!" But these were the first ones that came to mind.

On a side note, a lot of you were curious about the cow lice. This could of been a made up situation so Hubby and his dad could mosey on down to San Saba and shoot things. I didn't question it or think much about it until y'alls inquiries.

You are right. If one cow has lice, won't they all have it? Do they just buy some RID and massage the cows and then take that tiny comb and comb the entire herd?

Well, I asked, and apparently you just spray them down with something. Who knew?

But I also think that they just wanted an excuse to go shoot things.....

On ANOTHER note, I figured out a way to keep Bram semi clothed.
Two words......boxer shorts.


starnes family said...

Carter got his first pair of boxers around Bram's age. So cute!

Are you wearing pig tails in your birth picture? I did b/c I couldn't sit back against a pony tail. You look precious!

Yeah, you totally got hosed on the cow/lice thing. Sucker.

The Soladay Family said...

I was going to ask the same question about your pigtails...I wish I could pull that off and look that cute!

For some odd reason, seeing that pic makes me wish I could "give birth" one more time...There is just nothing like the feeling...with an epidural of course...of literally pushing your child out of your body...amazing!

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

That last one of Tess just takes the cake! I loves it!!

Soxy Deb said...

Great pictures!! They made me smile so I can only imagine how happy they make you.

Coco said...

Yes, my hair is in pigtails. I wore pigtails all the time when I was pregnant. When laying on the bed it was much more comfortable than a pony tail.

Allison, I totally know how you feel. With an epidural, there is nothing in the world better than giving birth and that first few days in the hospital!!

Michelle said...

CUTE pictures! I love those! My gosh you look good after giving birth.

Amber Clay said...

Great pictures! You look great in the hospital! I love that black and white of the 2 kiddos. So sweet! Who did you tag? Did I just miss it?

Live.Love.Eat said...

Too cute for words, especially #4. I can't believe about the little girl you posted about. Not sure how close you were to them but I am so sorry!!!!!