Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Eve

I love Valentine's Day. Love it.

Tomorrow Hubby's sister is coming to spend the night with the kids and Hubby and I are heading to Austin. We are going to cook, eat, and drink with a few other couples. No restaurants for us, just kicking back and having a Valentine's Day food festival. Perfection.

Hubby is the most un-romantic human on the planet, so I don't expect big things from him in that department. But I know he loves me. I did hint around to a gift certificate to Anthropologie but I have a feeling it went right over his head. Oh well. I did get my beautiful new bahama blue front loading washer and dryer. Right? Right?

Here are some very random pics to end our week. I might start making this a Friday thing. Post pics that I took during the week that don't really have a story. Sounds fun. I am so wild and crazy like that.

This is our playroom. At 7am this morning. I love our playroom first thing in the morning. Look at the organization. The perfection. The beauty. Everything in the right bin. Baby dolls in their high chairs, strollers and shopping carts. Kitchen unscathed and food in the drawers. I will take a picture at around 11, right before nap. It won't look like this. Promise.

Tess was being very quiet on Wednesday while I was folding clothes. I knew she was in Bram's room and kept checking on her. This is what she did for an HOUR! No kidding. I would sit and read with her from time to time and then go back to folding clothes. But the little angel just sat and read all his books.

Isn't she a doll face?

Here is a picture of her room. I was working on lighting with my camera. I thought this was a pretty shot. The rocking chair was one of my parents first antique purchases, my mom had it redone for Tess' room. Love it.

I hope everyone gets lots and lots of hugs and kisses tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day!!


starnes family said...

Love the idea of random Friday pics. And, LOVE her room!!!!! I can't wait to work on my house again.

The Soladay Family said...

I absolutely love the colors in her room! I would love to see more pics! Please, please!

KDLOST said...

such a cute picture of tess! :) happy valentine's day and friday the 13th! :)

Live.Love.Eat said...

Your photo Friday is a good idea. And I love your playroom. Fun and cozy!

Angie said...

Happy Balentimes, Day! (that's the way I heard 463 times at school today)
Have fun in Austin! Friday random pics...I think you're on to something.

Jo said...

Have a wonderful time with your husband in Autin!


Michelle said...

CUTE pics! Love the room pics! Great idea on Friday pics!