Monday, February 16, 2009

Vday part deux

So the Hubby and I headed to Austin for a fun night of food and friends.

On the menu was:

prime rib, creamed spinach, jalapeno twice stuffed potatoes, prosciutto wrapped artichoke hearts in a gorgonzola cream sauce, bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos, cream cheese bites, brownies, and chocolate covered bananas and strawberries.

Holy FAT PANTS, Batman!!!

It was wonderful and Hubby and I had a great night together. I am very lucky to have this guy as my main dude.

Back at the ranch, Aunt Abby and Bram started to party hardy after Miss Tess went to bed. Poor little lady is still rather a beating when you try to bake, decorate and such with her hanging about. And I knew Abby and Bram were wanting to really focus on some serious cookie decorating and pizza eating. Maybe next year for her.

Uncle Blake and Nicki came to hang out with Abby and the kids. I told y'all my kids are so blessed!! Lots and lots of love for these two wild indians.

Aunt Abby and Bram getting down with the baking. Bram is standing on his Learning Tower. If your kids like to participate in the kitchen, then I HIGHLY recommend purchasing one of these. We use ours all day long. Both kids help with cooking, Bram helps "wash" sippy cups, and Tess likes to just sit in it (remember her chair fetish?)

Uh-oh. Things got a little messy. Look at the smile on his face!!!

Chowing down!

Finished product.

I don't know who had more fun? Aunt Abby or Tess and Bram?


morewineplease said...

AHH! What a great night, and what a great aunt! Looks like a great time!

Heather said...

That is so fun!! Aunt Abby went all out. You weren't kidding about the streamers!!! Glad you and hubby had a good time.

starnes family said...

My little chef, Jack, needs a tower. Maybe that would keep his feet out of our recipes?

Looks like fun!

The Soladay Family said...

Lucky kids!!! Can I go play there!?

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Looka like everybody had a good time on Valentine's Day at your house.

lifeinbeverlyhills said...

What fun! I love the frosting on his arm. Cookies always taste better if you make a mess. :) And your evening out sounds like a blast. We were supposed to be in Austin this weekend, for a wedding on V-day at the 4 Seasons. But we opted not to go...long story.

whereismymind said...

Bram looks like he is having a BLAST! And, my, oh my, does that meal sound DIVINE! YUM.

Something In The Glass said...

You have, like, the funnest house in the world. Can I come live with you? I promise I won't bring my husband or son.

Michelle said...

Wow! What an awesome aunt! Looks like a total blast!
That menu sounds delicious! I'm glad y'all had fun!