Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday, friday, friday random picture day!

Hey there! It is a great day in Cocoland. We have gymnastics, then our weekly lunch at McDonalds and then the pool. Yippee, Skippy!

My last class is tomorrow and then it is pretty much low key. And the Cocos need that this weekend. We have been a goin' and a blowin' the past few weekends.

Now on with the show.......

Why does Bram look happy?

Why does Tess look happy?

Why is Hubby concentrating very hard on a booklet of directions?

Because Uncle Blake bought Bram a water rocket for his birthday and we let the puppy go this week!!! I am sure the golfers in the background really enjoyed this while putting. This sucker flew over the house. It was pretty cool!

What is better than homemade chocolate cupcakes and baking with your two babies?

Licking the batter, that's what!!!

Tess didn't want a thing to do with the mixers, so Bram licked hers as well.

Tess in her teeny weeny bikini!!!! I am sorry but this is just cute. And boy did she feel like a little prissy pants in this little diddy. Love it!

Also, I was so perplexed by Bram's penis statement yesterday. But then he kept using the word, "jealous" all day long. "I think they are jealous we have a golf cart" or "I think that frog is jealous because he can't get to the pond" and "I think that Daddy is jealous his hair isn't longer."

So what I gathered from our jealous talk yesterday is this, he must of heard someone use the word and he was just testing out how to use it. Sometimes it made sense. Sometimes it did not make sense. I had a talk to him that jealous is an ugly feeling and we don't want anyone to be jealous and blah, blah, blah. But it really took me aback when he made that first statement.

Kids are weird.

Yet, very entertaining!

Y'all have a super duper weekend!!


The Soladay Family said...

That water rocket is the coolest! My boys would absolutely love that!

Oh, and Tess in that bikini.....precious!

Donatelli98 said...

OMG - I love the bikini - Tess is so cute!

starnes family said...

"Mommy is jealous that Casey's daughter has hair and mine doesn't."


Carrie Darney said...

I LOVE that bikini! SO CUTE! the pose is cute too!

OK, I need to get a water rocket now...that looks like fun! I'm sure those golfers were none too pleased with you guys though.

So you guys look like you are not in the way for random golf you get some in your yard?