Friday, June 19, 2009

Not really Random Picture Friday....just precious!

Can someone explain to me why, oh why, does my 21 month old angel, who normally sleeps until 7:30, wake up at 6:45 the ONE morning I am not getting up at 5:15 for boot camp? Why do kids do that, so annoying.

If I had her sleeping circumstances I would sleep 21 hours a day. Seriously, why feel the sudden urgency to get out of your dark room when you have a noise machine giving off the sounds of the ocean, your crib having the finest mattress money can buy. Tons of loveys and stuffed animals surrounding you. A tiny little down pillow to rest your tiny head. A silk blanket covering your little legs. Why? And she doesn't gently awake. She will stand in her pink crib screaming her head off and as soon as she hears me turn on the coffee pot, she stops. Little stinker.

This week has been fun with a capital F. Lots of swimming and playing. My kids are plum worn out, well Bram is, Tess apparently has all the energy in the world!

Today we meet Lacey for lunch and then a Hank exchange. YIPPEE!! We get Hank for the weekend and that is always a good time in the Coco household. Tonight Hubby and I will take the kids swimming at the club and then tomorrow a little family get together at the in laws. So loads of fun and a very busy weekend indeed.

Yesterday, we had a play date with one of Tess' boyfriends. Logan is a month older and it is L.O.V.E.

They had a ball together. It was funny watching Tess with a little boy her age. I think she may be a teeny, tiny bit bossy. But Logan didn't seem to mind, he just does as Her Highness says.

She was telling him to get on the slide over and over again. She would sit at the end and "catch" him. I don't think she got the memo that Logan is older.

This was one of the first play dates that Bram didn't have a kid his age to play with. And I could not of been prouder. Give the kid a water pistol and a yellow lab to shoot at, and he is all good. Also, Logan tinkled in his potty while we were there, Bram cheered so loud for him, and then in the gentlest voice said, "Give me a high five Logan! Good job!"

Bless this child. He has been AWESOME lately and making this summer a total hoot to have this dude around. Of course, I always love having my kids around, but you know what I mean.

Just playing by himself. My sweet boy.

Yesterday morning, I was LAZY and had clothes to fold and two antsy kids. So what did I do?

Put them in my Master bath with some pool toys and goggles. An HOUR later, they got out, dried off, my clothes were folded, and off to run errands we went.

"Swimming" in the tub.

And what is this? Is this hair? Longish hair? Why yes it is. TAKE THAT LAINEY CAROLINE!!

My Paul Newman baby. Dreamy.

Whoa! You better watch out. This pose is his new trade mark move. And I need to add, he found this Reebok basketball set he had at age 2. He has worn it every day this week, and it really fits quite snug. I have had to wash it every morning because it is filthy by the day's end. So, I just had to order some Nike basketball sets that actually fit him, they really aren't my style but it makes him happy. And it is one less kid to dress, and that make ME happy.

On Wednesday, I had to get my new car registration and Bram was dressed in his too small basketball outfit and neon green Crocs, as we walked in he said, "Do you think that everyone will think I am a basketball player?"

I sure do!

Luckily, I can still fully control what goes on Tess. So while Bram has looked like a gangster street urchin, Tess has been decked out in Lily Pulitzer, precious white sandals and huge bows in her hair. So it kind of balances everything out.

After her bubbas posed, little miss decided to give it a shot. Oh those eyes!!!

So that is it for this Friday. I hope everyone has a fabulous Father's Day weekend.


starnes family said...

The Paul Newman resemblance is amazing! So precious.

Oh, and Lainey's hair is half way down her back when it's wet. Take that!

MamaSue said...

Wish we were there!

Carrie Darney said...

Wait, I want to see the warped sea urchin...did I miss those pics?

Oh and...Hagen's hair looks like TM's when it is wet too. Actually he would be goldilocks if I didn't cut his hair every week! OK, bit of an exageration...not sure if I spelled that right...I cut his hair every month or so

The Lenzers said...

Sounds like a great week...cute pics! My boys have decided to start getting up at 6:15am! YUCK!!! And Connor won't go in the playroom to play. He sits at the top of the stairs and bangs on the gate. Colton bangs the wall from his crib. No sleep for us mammas!

Angry Julie Monday said...

If it makes you feel any better, Caden is also favoring the "Gangsta Street Urchin" look too..

and Caden ALWAYS gets up early when we can sleep in. We have no plans until 10am tomorrow. I bet he will get up at like 6:55.

FROGGITY! said...

they're just so darling!!