Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He said what???!!!

Bram is sitting in his room in a tiny time out for coming up to me, hands on hips, and saying,
"give me some juice, woman!"

Say what?


The Jones' said...

That is SO freaking funny, little turkey.

FROGGITY! said...


soooo funny. of course i am sure you had to stifle that laugh and give him the 'parental stern look.' lol friggin hilarious.

p.s. i still remember your post about him saying that frosty 'is a good man and doesn't punch people in the face.' totally stuck with me like a good episode of family guy or the office... hmmm, maybe he needs to be a comedy writer someday?!

MamaSue said...

how did you keep your composure?

Catholic Runner said...

I swear you should put him on tv! He's so dang funny.