Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Picture showdown at the hoedown!

What do you do with leftover Easter confetti eggs at the Coco household?

You have a bbq and let the kids play a fancy version of "Duck Duck Goose," that is what you do!!!

The following pictures are from about a month ago and we had our friends over for bbq and beverages. The kids played happily for hours and then around 10:30 p.m., I remembered I had confetti eggs hidden high up in a cabinet.

That is when the party really started.

Here is Bram showing Alexa the mad skillz you need to properly smash an egg on a friend's head.
(On a side note, at some point during the evening, Bram changed into pajamas. I am not sure why this wardrobe change happened. And after these pajamas were sported, swim trunks and a polo were put on. He is a weird kid,)

Here is Bram sneaking up on Lea.

Matthew got Bram good!

See the pajamas? Weird.

Uh-oh. Lea got pissed. She is actually crying because it was "her turn" not because she got hurt. Promise.

Emily getting Matthew. Look how he is anticipating the whack. These two are bro and sis. Love them!

Lea got Alexa.

Good times! These kids are great friends and we always come up with something fun for them to do. They are always game for anything!

So, this weekend in Cocoland is starting off to be fantabulous. Iddy and Pa came through yesterday and got the kiddos to take to Austin. SOOOOOO, I did Happy Hour with the girls last night. I told Hubby I would be home at 8. I got home at 11. Uh-oh.

Slept in and I am now laying in bed typing this fascinating post and about to get up to go antiquing.

Thai food and movie with Hubby this evening. Class tomorrow and then we will reconvene with the kids and have a fish fry with the family. A perfect weekend. PERFECT.

Life is good. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!


Sassy Cass said...

Yay for grandparents! Double yay for when they take the kiddos and give ya some time for yourself. Great pics!

Deelsu said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Enjoy!

starnes family said...

Obviously you had way too much wine by 10:30pm in order to do this. How in the hell do you get the confetti out of the yard?

Please return to tell me Hangover is the best movie ever. I cannot wait.

Angry Julie Monday said...

It looks like they had tons of fun!