Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's all welcome Hubby to 2009

Hubby just created himself a Facebook account. And he is very excited about this new sport.

I say sport because, he seems to be viewing this new endeavor as some sort of competition. A competition that he is going to win, by God. He is determined to have the most friends ever in the world of Facebook.

I came home from my tubing adventure with him asking me 500 times to "look at my Facebook page, look at my Facebook page." Not a "hello, sweet wife, how was your tubing adventure?" No. It was all, "I have asked 34 people to be my friends and only have 10 responses."

It was hard to break it to him that, well, that most people have been on Facebook for about 9 months now, so looking at their account every 5 minutes is yesterday's news. But I assured him that when everyone is sitting at their desks today that he would have a plethora of friends request and would be that much closer to winning the friend competition that he has created in his pretty little head.

To make it even dorkier, he grilled steaks for us last night, and got my camera out and took a picture of his steak to upload on his page. Really? I tried to be encouraging and by encouraging I mean I just turned a blind eye rather than humiliate him by endless ridicule. Poor guy.

So, those of you that read my blog and also have the privilege of being my Facebook friend. Hook a brother up, please befriend my husband.

He really wants to win.


MamaSue said...

Even Rick is on Facebook! He invited a co-worker and he said "dude, no work people sorry"! A real asshole if you ask me but he has plenty of other friends. I can have him ask your hubby if you want!

If the shoe FITZ said...

My hubby was the same way few months ago when he finally signed up. I would yell downstairs and ask what he was doing and his response was "I am poking people".
He thought he was so cool!

Deelsu said...

That is too funny! A picture of his steak? Really is right... LOL!
I'm just waiting for my Mom and Dad to get on FB.. that would freak me out!

FROGGITY! said...


i am almost falling out of my chair right now. a steak. too hilarious!!

Carrie Darney said...

I invited him...

You know, I kinda got irritated the other day because my mother in law got a page and asked me to be her friend. She drives me CRAZY and I just know I'm going to hear her thoughts on EVERYTHING I say or do on there ALL.THE.TIME..

starnes family said...


Something In The Glass said...

That cracks my up. I'm so glad my spouse isn't into FB.

msprimadonna67 said...

That's so cute! My hubby finally joined FB after all of the rest of our extended family had been sharing pictures and posts for months. Now he loves it!