Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do something nice today.

As most of you know, I like to write pretend letters to major corporations and famous people (and non famous people) that I never send.

What you may not know is I do however send some letters and make phone calls, quite a bit, to places of business. I ask to speak to the manager and I tell them how I feel.

Because of me, Big Gulps now fit in your car's cup holders. Because of me, you can buy bags of ice at Sonic. Because of me, People magazine is including more "real life" people and "feel good" stories, like they did back in the day.

Right now I am working on the Mod Podge folks. The mouth of their containers need to be larger for larger paint brushes. I have yet to hear back from anyone.

You're welcome.

I never call with complaints. I don't want someone to get in trouble if they were just having a bad day. I always call with suggestions and compliments.

I did this yesterday. I called, spoke to the manager and complimented Brad. Brad is about 19 years old, tons of tats, lots of piercings and was the most helpful little bugger at the grocery store!

I needed leaks for a recipe. There were no leaks. Brad was busy stocking fruits and I asked, "If there are no leaks, what do I use?" I didn't think Brad would know.

Brad did NOT know.

However, Brad said, "Hmmmm, I will be right back."

Brad came back with a book in hand and was reading it, "Well, it says here that leaks are part of the onion family. The sweetest variety. So I suggest using these." And he pointed to a type of large green sweet onion.

"Thanks, Brad!" I said, and went on my way.

Later, I called the grocery store and spoke to the manager. I told them that what Brad did was above and beyond what was necessary but because of him, my recipe was delish.

Not only did I feel good, the manager felt great. And I am certain Brad is going to feel really good with a nice pat on the back.

Also, yesterday, I dealt with Blaine Ashley. Long story short, !HOLY TOLEDO! customer service at its best. It made my day. MADE MY DAY! I will be shopping with them for a long time and I recommend you do the same.

Is this a dorky post? Yep. But two people doing not only what they are supposed to do but doing a little extra, really made me smile. It really put me in a good mood.

A lot of people complain and complain and complain and never compliment. So today, if someone does something a little extra. Let them know how you feel about it!

ta-ta for now!!


Deelsu said...

I like this post. I have to say I need to compliment more.
I have written complaint letters though.
One in particular? Pilot Travel stations. Their bathrooms used to be so nice and clean..clean.. but then they started slacking.
Can you believe someone actually called me back?
I was shocked!

Heather said...

That's awesome. Dealing with the traveling, stressed out public... I understand how important it is to get a pat on the back and those a VERY few and far between.

And because of your greatness in teaching me just how to write letters to important people and companies... my son got a complimentary Nook BEFORE Christmas that he would have not gotten otherwise. So thank you very much for teaching me your mad skilz of letter writing.

starnes family said...

Ugh. It's hard to make a snarky comment when you're being so positive.


I'm on board, though, and do this often, too. Blake always thinks I'm nuts.

Sara and Trey said...

I did this last week at one of our local grocery stores. I complimented one of their fabulous baggers and told them what a great job he does. Oops...does it count if it was my brother, Austin???? hehehe

You're right...we should definitely compliment more on the people that actually go above and beyond.

MamaSue said...

Thanks for the reminder. This is just one of the many reasons we love you! You are so sweet and so pretty. Have a great day,I hope the manager passed along your compliments to Brad.

The Rand's said...

Super sweet post, Coco. Made me smile. Thanks for that. And for the reminder to let people know we appreciate their hard work.

greygillfish said...

WELL SAID! WE all need a reminder every now and then.

The Jones Family said...

You CAN be nice, can't you :)

I tease, I tease...

FROGGITY! said...

good times! that's a great idea.

can you really buy ice at sonic?? why did i never know this?!

Kristin said...

YAY for this. You are the sweetest lady!

Momma to the A's said...

That is awesome that you compliment so often! I am going to try and do it more now too!! Thanks for the reminder.

Sassafrass Jane said...


Okay, kidding. Super sweet, Cocobutt. I agree, I rarely call to compliment. Or complain, really. But I think there should be more Coco-ness in the world! In terms of compliments.

This morning on my way to class, I was stopped behind a bus full of elementary kids on a field trip. A rowdy bunch. They were waving at me to see if I would wave back. At first, I laughed. I waved, did a silly dance, stuck out my tongue, etc.
As they drove away I honked like crazy and made silly faces. The entire bus was pointing at me, waving, having a grand ole time. I teared up as I drove to class as I thought about what one little moment can do. I'll never see those kids, but they made my morning, and I sure as hell made theirs.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Nice post - so different fro myour other ones - not that you aren't always nice! I think it is something we could all do a little more often. I try to thank people when they do a good job but don't do it often enough. Thanks for the reminder.

Vintage Junky said...

great post! And Sonic ice rocks... totally got me through my pregnancy!

Merry Mack said...

I love it. My mother is like this, but she does both the compliments and the complaints. My favorite thing to do when I am checking out anywhere and the cashier says the obligatory 'hi, how are you' without looking at you- I wait until they do look at me and I say fine, how are you? and I begin a conversation because I am sure no one else ever asks back. Maybe they do get spoken to, but I am sure they don't.

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet! And yes, thanks for making lives easier, one step at a time. :)

The world would be a better place if everyone was just nice huh?

BTW, first time here, but I'm liking it so far!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I've been trying for awhile to be more complimentary and less judgemental. I confess that on some days I am a MONUMENTAL failure at it but I AM trying...

Shannie said...

I love you. Maybe we'll move to Texas soon and then we can be best friends.

(As much as I LOVE my home state of Georgia, and as proud as I am of my Southern Georgia heritage and tradition, I would gladly and proudly move to Texas without (much) hesitation! How's that for a compliment! And, big secret, we may be in the market for a new state before long... Texas has my vote fo sho.)

Live.Love.Eat said...

Brad is awesome but too bad you don't have my on speed dial. I could help you if there isn't a Brad to be found next time :)

But seriously, it IS awesome when people go above & beyond and it's great you acknowledged him!!