Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She sees ghost too!

I have mentioned before that Bram talks to random people who aren't there. Yes, he tells me about random conversations with ghosts. Or mentions people "passing through" our house from time to time. Instead of scaring the shit out of me, I like to look at it as a special "gift."

I think Tess has that "gift" too. As I was just loading the dishwasher, she looks up from playing and starts saying, "Hi, oh hi" and then continues to babble and follow something (that wasn't there!) with her eyes. Having a baby conversation the entire time.

Great. Now both my kids are freaks. Maybe I should call the Sci-Fi channel and get and we can get a series or something? Cash in on my kids freakiness.

Now that isn't a bad idea......


Something In The Glass said...

I would totally watch THAT show!!

Maybe they can come to my house and let me know if there are people passing through here. I have my suspicions.

whereismymind said...

Ooh, you know I love a ghost story! Avery used to do that a lot, too... There's a show about "gifted kids" out there, but I can't think of the name... We should meet up and get them on it.

Michelle said...

I think little ones can see angels and stuff. They still have that innocent little spirit. Luke seems to do that every now and then. It's kinda cool.