Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy NYE!!!

I am very much looking forward to 2009. Hopefully the economy will perk up a bit and my darling Hubby will not be stress ball. That is my number one. Other than that, my life is pretty darn perfect.

My resolution is to try to stay in my budget. This has never EVER happened, so it is going to be very hard on me. I am probably going to go to bed crying every night the first 4 or 6 months. Crying over those True Religion jeans I didn't buy, or that Baby Lulu dress that Tess won't be wearing, or even that chair that would of looked so precious in the corner of the den. It is going to be sad but nothing an up in my Zoloft dosage can't help with. I know I can do it. BOO-HOO!!

Hubby and I, as a couple have had very big years since we met. Here is a list showing how freaking fast we move:

2003: First date in October and engaged in December

2004: March 9, married in St. Johns, get knocked up September (don't know the date but I was drunk, we totally should of named Bram, Kendall Jackson)

2005: Bramlett Lane born. Let the fun begin! Start building our house in June. 100% custom so I am responsible for every. freaking. decision. Post partum no less, so I am sure I was a favorite of all the contractors.

2006: February move in to new house. Get pregnant in December, lose baby in December.

2007: January get pregnant again with Miss Tessie Mayes, oops. Seriously, my parents probably think it is a sex-a-thon over at our house! "I'm pregnant, not pregnant, pregnant again!"
Then in October Miss Precious Angel of the world was born.

2008: Nothing huge happened. And it felt good!

I am hoping 2009 is just as uneventful since we could use one more year of relatively calm. Just one year of nothing wasn't quite enough to relax us. Unless we win the lottery or something like that, that would be awesome and welcomed excitement. But I would like to remain, non-pregnant and don't really feel like giving birth this year. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

I do hope my friends and family all remain happy and healthy in '09.

I am also looking forward to getting to know my blogging family even better. It has been so much fun getting to know y'all and I am glad you freaks seem to get a kick out of my crazy world!!

GOOD BYE 2008 AND HELLO 2009!!!!


Michelle said...

Wow...that really was moving fast! This was a great post. Lots of interesting facts. I love the name Lane. That is my sister's middle name and another friend of mine's little boy's middle name. It's too cute.
I am so sorry about your miscarriage that December. :(
Happy New Year! I look forward to the 2009 and getting to know you better too! Fun times!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, big stuff. You're like us. We dated for 7 mo, got engaged, married 11 mo later but got pregos 3 weeks after we were married. People thought it was from the honeymoon but it was the morning after a big party. I blame wine too, and some tights I slept in that my husband was digging. Hah. Sorry too about your miscarriage. Thankfully you do have lots of good stuff too that went on!

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

I like your goal for 2009-NOT to get knocked up! HAHAHAHA you and Miley Cyrus...

starnes family said...

I love that I'm not the only one who moved fast in marriage!

Sometimes you just know.

KDLOST said...

you had me rolling at kendal jackson and then crying about losing the baby! i am so sorry about that...

glad that all of the other stuff was positive! :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! may it be BLISSFULLY uneventful. ;)

Something In The Glass said...

Great post!

Man, I thought my hubby and I made fast work of it all. We met in October 2003, got engaged in March and married on October 9 (one year to the day after we met...all together now...Ahhhhhh.) But, I didn't get knocked up until 12/05.