Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am totally the favorite now.

Mrs. Woodward was very pleased with her wine. Very pleased.

And since we are Methodist and she is Catholic, nobody seemed to bat an eyelash at the vino. Although, I did have it wrapped in velvet with a beautiful bow tied around it.

She loves me. And Bram will now be the class fave.

And I am shocked I haven't mentioned this BUT an old friend from college, who was president of Phi Delt, gorgeous, and super fun (though always had a screw lose) robbed a bank last Thursday and is hiding out in Mexico.

What the f?


KDLOST said...

that's so crazy! hiding out in mexico!

kudos on the wine. dude, i'd like it too if someone gave me that!

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

OMG! Do you think he ran out of meds 'cause that's just plain
CA-RAZY! Another way to score brownie points for the teacher: be the homeroom mom and for Christmas take up a collection from everyone and get her a gift card. That's what I do. I just gave the Teach $300 and her assistan $200 and they were freakin' doing cartwheels. I told her that I figured that she had enough "world's best teacher mugs". But tell all the parents in September so everyone knows from the beginning and they all can participate!

Coco said...

Fl Coco! I love that idea of a gift card. Girlfriends of mine that their kids go to a different school, just gave their teach a spa day. Full on spa day! I would die.

And no, he has never been on meds but clearly needs to be. Weird. O.

Michelle said...

That is CRAZY about that guy from college. You just never know.

Good job on the wine!

I'm loving these gift card and spa day ideas.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, you got some crazy friends :)
Good job on the wine, and wrapped in velvet no less. NICE!!!!!

starnes family said...

How did we go from Preschool Teacher to Wine to Bank Robber?

And, with all of these fabulous gifts, I might need to look into a career change.

For real.