Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It is a total snot festival over in Cocoland. Clear snot, but snot nonetheless. Isn't it funny that mom's always preface the snot by, "is it clear? if so, you're fine" or "green snot. Yep, an infection."

Baby girl is just a faucet this morning and I can hear the beginnings of a cough. Yuck.

Bram has the snot but not as bad. His ass is going to be in school today. Mamas got to get her nails did and wrap up the Christmas shopping.

Hopefully, everyone will cooperate today and I will be totally finished with shopping. Let's just say a quick prayer that I don't have to leave my town's city limits. I really don't want to head into Austin or to Wal Mart. Both of those options just sound terrible.

Tess is in my lap, just sneezed and now I am going to have to disinfect my laptop.

And my leg and hand.


KDLOST said...

Little Lady talks to 'Max' all of the time... and the other day she FREAKED me out! She said there was a little girl in the corner and then she got really scared and started crying... needless to say I prayed through the whole house after that! EEEEK! :)

morewineplease said...

Dont you love how kids SHARE EVERYTHING... even their germs.. or more so their germs! Nice..

Michelle said...

It's that lovely time of year! Luke started some cough thing last night. I hope they are better soon!
That is so true about clear snot! Love that!