Saturday, December 27, 2008


What a great Christmas! It was perfect. Christmas Eve got changed up a bit. Dinner in Austin was scheduled at 7:30. Hubby decided that would get us back home at midnight, so we ended up not going.

With my parents here, we would still be with family. So we called up Dominoes and had delicious meat lovers pizza and buffalo wings. YUMMY! And then my parents helped us set up for Santa.

The following pictures are in no particular order, I took about a million.

Very happy little fellow.

Typical Bram fashion, "thumbs up mom!"

Christmas jammies. I prefer the "At Home" brand myself. Super soft and cute patterns.

Christmas morning got a little overwhelming. Here is the little miss enjoying her bottle in Gran-T's lap. And yes, the morning and nighttime bottle is still in effect. Shut up.

Loving her baby and stroller.

A bowling set!

Having a bottle and pushing her baby in the stroller. Like mother, like daughter.

Tessie's Sugar Plum fairy stocking full to the brim with goodies.

Bram's toy soldier stocking.

Being silly with Mikey on Christmas Eve.

Santa was here!!

Trying to get a Christmas picture with Bram just smiling is proving more and more impossible these days. The ninja "moves" are taking over our lives.
This is it for now! Lots more fun pics to come.

I was super hungover yesterday due to the constant refilling of my wine on Christmas day. Good Lord. But I did manage to take all the ornaments off the tree. This had to be done.
And I wept the whole time.

The table in the playroom needs to be moved to the place where the Christmas tree currently resides. That is because of the obnoxious amount of stuff the kids got from Santa. Room just has to be made for Tess' kitchen, Bram's workbench, and the new book shelf.

More family is coming over today to spread the love. Yippee!


Michelle said...

How fun! Great pictures! Bram cracks me up! Cute jammies and lots of fun toys!

starnes family said...

Tess is so cute in that pic with Mikey. Love all of them....but that one is precious!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Fun pics. But you took down your tree already???

Something In The Glass said...

Our tree died an early death, too. I usually leave it up until New Years Day, but not this year.

Taking the tree down early is depressing.

Oh, and sorry for the flurry of comments. I'm catching up on my blog reading... :o)