Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He just wants to dance!

Here are some pics of Bram dancing. These were taken 10 minutes ago and he was dancing to, the 80's hit, "Let's go all the way, let's go all the way. AHAHAH Let's go all the way!"

I heard this song was about war forever ago and not about s.e.x. so I thought it wasn't too bad for his virgin ears, and I like this catchy toon.

See how intense his dancing gets. It is serious business up around here. He has got skillz, mad skillz. You will never see a smile or even a smirk on his face when he dances. It is all business.

And if you want to dance with him, you have to wait on another rug until he is done busting his moves, then he will run over to you and say, "YOUR TURN, SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!" Then you shake your fanny (or in my case I do squats with jazz hands to make him think I am dancing but instead getting some exercise in. Smart eh?) and when you are done you run over to the other rug and say, "BUST IT DOWN CHARLIE BROWN!"

This kid can dance for hours. I can always tell when we have had an extra long dance session, when the next day I can barely walk because my thighs are so sore.

Now that I am looking at these pictures something is bothering me........I have absolutely no clue where these navy blue undies came from. None.

Kind of creepy.


starnes family said...

Yes, please investigate mystery undies.

I'm reading your blog and the husband appears over my shoulder.....I comment on how cute Bram is....his response, "Umh...yeah. Look, she's a nice wife. Adam has a phat TV."

Why don't men appreciate how cute children are like we do? Is a TV cute?

Angie said...

So You Think You Can Dance? - toddler version. For sure, he would make it!

Michelle said...

Oh I love it! He is such a lil cutie! I want him and Luke to dance together. Luke started dancing to the Charile Brown Christmas music and he says Charlie Brown while doing it. Cute!