Tuesday, December 9, 2008

He's kind of famous and all.......

Yeehaw!!! While Tess and I were spending a fun filled weekend together, Bram and my nephew Chase (age 2) spent the weekend at Iddy and Pa's. Or as my sis-in-law and I like to call it, West Texas Disneyland.

They had a blast and even got to ride in the town Christmas parade on the float for the radio station Iddy and Pa own. How cool is that?

The boys getting excited on the sleigh.

Bram doesn't look too happy that Iddy made him dress up like an elf. Chase doesn't seem to mind.

Bram had so much fun throwing candy out to the crowd and waving!

They threw candy and ate candy, threw candy and ate candy, threw candy and ate candy. I am truly shocked there was no throwing up or chronic diarrhea after all of the candy I heard these two consumed.

Here is the happy little elf in allll of his elf goodness glory!
So the boys had fun and Iddy and Pa were sad to see them go.
Iddy said she was plum worn out but with a huge smile on her face.

These two dudes are full of energy and have plenty of shenanigans up their little sleeves. They will keep you on your toes, that is for sure.

Oh the holidays are getting more fun each year!!


Soxy Deb said...

He really doesn't look happy at all. Whassup with that?

I know the fun Iddy and Pa had. There's nothing like that grandparent fun. I miss it.

Michelle said...

So sweet! I bet they had a blast! How cool to be on a float! Precious pics! Grandparents are the best!