Thursday, December 11, 2008

Like a blind date, but totally not.

This Saturday I am driving the kids to Dallas and I am going to meet Casey and family for the first time ever!!!!

It all started months ago. I had a tech question and Casey gave me her email address to ask questions. And that is the end of the story.

Really it is. It has been a fast friendship from that day on. We have been emailing one another several times a day for months. And finally spoke on the phone a few day ago for the first time.

It was like we had been friends forever. Not weird or awkward at all. After all of our emailing, we pretty much know every detail of each other's lives.

Our baby girls are only weeks apart and I can't wait to see them playing together. I can't wait to meet her Jack and her big boy Carter. Carter is going to be Bram's new hero. I guarantee it.

Funny thing is, one of her good friends is now friends with one of my good friends. Super small world, and it was nice to know Casey wasn't a weirdo serial killer or stalker.

So this Saturday we are meeting up at Northpark mall in Dallas (an old stomping ground for both of us), letting the kids play, having lunch, doing a little shopping, and getting the kids pictures taken with Northpark's very famous Santa. I am giddy with excitement. Who would of thought?

Hubby calls Casey my "internet lovah" and her husband calls me "internet Courtney." And they call us dorks?

If nothing else, a very good friendship has come out of blogging.


If the shoe FITZ said...

Yeah! I'll be there too!

BTW: I am Snow Cone girl to Casey's husband....

morewineplease said...

that is really exciting... my hubby would probably not be able to handle it :)

KDLOST said...

that is so great! :) good times.

Michelle said...

So sweet! That is really great! My husband laughs at me when I talk about my blogger world friends. He thinks us girls are so crazy. I love it! I did make him look at your blog and read some funnies once and he said "Ok, she looks normal." Ha! I guess he was worried about teh serial killer stalker too. :)

whereismymind said...

Awww! I hope you guys had fun! I have an internet friend or two turned RL friend! The Mister used to swear they were really all pervy old men.

Live.Love.Eat said...

That is awesome for the both of you! I may have missed an earlier story but is she a fellow blogger?