Monday, December 1, 2008

I saved a life/lives tonight

That's right! Y'all do not need to hold out for a hero, you have one right here. It's me! Coco!

Tonight I was leaving the HEB (Texas grocery store) after purchasing milk and diet coke (I am living off of that for the next two weeks, just an fyi). Our HEB is a straight shot from the gates of our neighborhood to the front door of our local grocer.

So, I had just started toward home and the car in front of me was going super slow. I think to myself, "oh great I am behind an old man." Which is pretty typical since I live in Old Man Land.

But then the swerving started. Bad swerving. Head on collision swerving. The street I was on is only 30 miles an hour but this guy was totally driving on the other side of the road, then back in his lane, then BAM! a curb. Luckily only going around 20 miles an hours.

I decided to call 911, I was afraid he would turn left and head to the main Hwy that takes you right out of town and toward San Antonio. This would be catastrophic! He would be driving on a very windy, hilly, and a high trafficky highway.

The 911 lady and I talked while I followed him and I gave her a play by play of mine and the white cars location. And I was right, he did turn left towards the highway. Luckily the police got right behind him as he was getting onto the hwy. They stayed behind him for about 2 seconds and he was pulled over, it did not take long for them to see the severity of the situation.

This guy would of for sure seriously injured or worse, killed someone if it wasn't for my quick thinking and direction giving skills. That is for sure.

He may not of been drunk. It could of very well of been an old man having a diabetic seizure or a stroke. Or even somebody really old that had his keys taken away and was trying to make a quick getaway. Hopefully he is ok.

I sat and watched for a tad bit, just to see if they needed any back up support from me. They didn't.


Lisa said...

Thank you!

lifeinbeverlyhills said...

What a great thing to do.

BTW - I laughed so hard - we called it THE HEB too when we lived in McAllen.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Good for many people would have done nothing and who knows what could have happened to the old guy and many others...GOOD FOR YOU!

KDLOST said...

GIRL!!! YOU ROCK! Oh my goodness. That scares me so. 3 good friends of mine were in an accident that sounded similar to that... old lady on the wrong side of the road. PHEW. They were okay, but she didn't make it... so, YEAH, you did a GOOD THING!!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Go you!!!!! Proud of you for doing what some people would haven't bothered with!

Michelle said...

Wow! Great job taking the time to do that. How scary! I hope he is okay.

Michelle said...

PS - I will get you that coconut recipe when I get it. :) Yummy! Did you see that the red velvet cake was covered in coconut? Ymmy!