Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday fun

Met up with Casey and family this Saturday. It was great. And for a treat Jen joined in the crazy ass fun. Jen and Casey worked together and have been friends forever.

I have a feeling watching all of the kids running crazy at a crazy mall was great birth control for poor Jen.

Casey's husband, Blake, took this picture of us. He told us to do a "prom" pose. Remember, we are in Northpark mall at Christmas time, we definitely got some stares.

This is Miss Tess at lunch. She was tuckered out.

Having Bram chasing her around the mall growling at her made her tired. Sweet boy.

A more normal picture with Casey and Jen. It was like I had known them for years.

Tess was missing her daddy and went to Blake easily. She wouldn't come to me after this. He was so sweet and carried her for awhile. Thanks Blake!

Have you ever? The cuteness of these two is just too much for me! Please take note of their matching monogrammed dresses. Yes, Casey and I are dorks. Lainey and Tess are exactly the same size, only two weeks apart. Casey and I were shocked we never got the, "are they twins" comment. Even though Tess is bald and Lainey has hair that can be put in cute bows, clips and pigtails. But whatev....

Come on girls, look at the camera!

Casey let Bram take some pictures with her camera. She is very trusting. I won't let him even look at my camera.

Yes, he just layed down on the floor of the mall to play with Jack's trains. We waited quite awhile to have our pictures made with the famous Northpark Santa. This particular Santa has been at Northpark for over 15 years.
Casey's sweet husband went to the mall hours earlier to get us tickets for a good place in line. Nuts isn't it?

Tess and Lainey meet.

Bram and Lainey were getting to know one another.

Sweet Carter and Bram. Bram followed Carter everywhere and Carter didn't seem to mind.

Happy baby girls! Don't you just want to squeeze them?

Jack and Bram seem to be on the same level when it comes to "activeness." At one point Casey and I realized that they had been chasing each other in a circle for 10 solid minutes.
Aren't Jack's pants, fabulous?

Casey giving Bram photography lessons while we waited for Santa.
It was a great day.

Hectic, but great. I really enjoyed meeting a lot of Casey's family and friends.

The Santa pics were good, of course Tess totally freaked out, but I was expecting that. Bram wasn't to sure at first but eventually decided he needed to speak up and give Santa the deets of his Christmas list.

Margaritas at lunch and lots of good conversation. Bram even got out of his chair during lunch and entertained us all with some of his mad dancing skilz.

Back home yesterday. Staying at home today enjoying this cold weather. Hoping to spend the evening with a fire in the fireplace, a nice dinner and adult bevs with Hubby, kids down early.

Sounds heavenly!


Michelle said...

Oh what fun! These are great pics! You captured everything! Sounds like a great time! Beautiful baby girls and adorable little boys!
Luke has those same plaid pants for Christmas. I LOVE them!

Monica said...

Hey there! It was so great meeting you on Saturday! Your kiddos are adorable....sorry I let your son destroy the stroller. Hope to see you again soon...

starnes family said...

Had so much fun! Cannot believe you posted the prom pic, but OK.

The girls are precious! Wishing you had the Bram moves on video. I'm still laughing.

KDLOST said...

how cool and CUTE!! your little ones look like they could be siblings or something! :)

Soxy Deb said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Those babies - all of them - are scrumptious.
I can't decide if I'm more jealous that you got to visit with bloggy buds or that you all have such cuteness in your midst.

Angie said...

What a fun weekend! We need to definitely meet up sometime soon when you visit your parents. Send me an email with your address so if I happen to get my cards in the mail, I can send you one.

If the shoe FITZ said...

YES! Totally so fun and I agree it was like we known each other forevah. I was teasing, hugging, disciplining your kids like they were my neices and nephews.

But..yes totally putting the baby making thing off for at least another 6 months to a year! ;)

whereismymind said...

What precious pictures!!!! Beautiful kids, cute little Christmas outfits and good strollers! (I'm a stroller snob, in case you didn't know. I think I have those exact two... Or at least one.) Glad you guys got to meet up!!!! YAY!