Tuesday, August 26, 2008

9 years ago on a dark and cold night in December.....

Per request of Shannie, here is my ghost story. If you are not into that sort of thing then move on. If you are then stick around. This one is quite long and quite a doozy. If I do say so myself. I really hope I don't give you nightmares. You've been warned.

OK, it was Christmas Eve, 1999. I had just moved from Dallas to Austin and was going to drive to my parents for Christmas. They live in a little town in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and I had at this point never driven the whole Austin to Weatherford route at night and alone. This route is primarily a two lane highway that goes through tiny little towns. A very pretty drive actually. IF YOU LIKE GHOSTS!

So my dad had given me the lecture about not swerving if I see a deer in the road, or a even a kitten for that matter. I believe his exact words were, "If you see a box of puppies in the road, DO NOT SWERVE" My dad is a great guy and doesn't normally promote running over puppies but he has this thing about swerving and roll over accidents. Kind of weird

But I digress. I was planning on leaving after work and head straight to Weatherford but one of our cats got out so I had to spend two hours scouting the neighborhood for her. This put me on the road, Christmas Eve, at around 7:30. It was super cold outside and super dark.

Two hours later I get into a tiny little town with a cute little square. Since it was about 9:30 at this time the square was closed. Even the two gas stations were closed at this time of night. Again, it was Christmas Eve.

Past the square is a huge cemetery and it is just off the road. You could reach your hand out the passenger window heading out of town and touch a tombstone. So I am going 25 miles an hour through the square and I drop a CD (OK it was my cigarette lighter, it was 9 years ago and I might of smoked a few ciggies) and bent down to pick it up off the floorboard. As I look up I notice a dog on the side of the road in the cemetery. I think to myself, "Oh shit! Dog, please don't run in front of my car because I will swerve and kill myself". Then this dog stands up. And I realize it is a little girl. At first I didn't freak out, I thought, "This is odd. What is a little girl doing out in the dark on a cold night in a cemetery?" It seems so cliche and even more cliche as I write it down. Dark, cold, and cemetery.

This little girl was holding her hair back and looking down at the ground. And she just looked different. She was not glowing or iridescent. Just different. It is kind of like trying to explain to a blind person what the color blue looks like.

THEN I FREAKED THE SHIT OUT. I punched it to 80 mph and didn't look back. Just prayed and prayed. Praying to God that whatever I saw didn't follow me to Weatherford.
I didn't look back for two reasons. The first reason being, I was afraid if I looked back she would be gone and my fears would be confirmed. She wasn't real. The second reason being, I was afraid the bitch would be in my backseat!!

I didn't say a word when I got home but did tell my mother the next morning. She simply said, "you must of seen something, because if it really was a little girl you would of pulled over and helped." And this is true.

I have since told this story tons of times and some people believe me and some don't. Whatever. I just know what I saw, and it still gives me chills every time I tell it. FREAKY!

Two years later, I was at a party and met a girl from this little town. I had already had a couple of glasses of wine, so I proceeded to tell her my ghost story. She stopped me before I could finish and told me the rest of MY own story. Apparently what I saw wasn't a little girl but a tiny woman. Nobody knows why she is there and she is only seen by one person at a time. She only comes out when the town is closed down and she thinks she will be alone. Two girlfriends of mine who knew this story were standing there listening to this girl with their chins hitting the floor. After she finished, she asked me if it made me feel better. And I really don't know. I like that I am not crazy and seeing things. But I think it is weird that I saw a ghost.

I am not the best writer, so this story might be better in person. But it scared the shit out of me just typing it.

Do y'all think I am a weirdo now?


whereismymind said...

Yup. You're a freaking weirdo. Plain and simple. Of course I'm kidding.

And NOTHING is plain and simple. Including the paranormal and ghosties. What a great ghost story!!!!! Thanks for sharing! I love, love, love them. It is totally freaky and totally scary, but for some reason makes me hopeful. I don't know why. I don't know how to explain it... But, I have a real fascination.

What a f-A-reeeekay story, though!!!! That's like one of those you hear by a campfire! I have my own, too, but nothing like this one! Wow! Have you found another route?!?!?! ;-)

Michelle Matthews said...

Oh wow....it took me awhile before I decided to read all of it. How freaky. Even freakier about the conversation years later!!!!!!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Ooooh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!! I'm absolutely fascinated by this subject and yours is one of the best first person stories I've heard. I once posted about this on my blog and was so disappointed maybe one person responded. :(

What I've always wondered is, why is it some ghosts/people come back and some don't? Weird. I'm curious what town this was (I live in Dallas and grew up in Austin)because I'm wondering if I may need to go visit! I want to see something!