Thursday, August 14, 2008

I find this creepy and I need an opinion

Tess is down for her nap and Bram is at school. So I am browsing the Internet. I think I want to stamp our powder bath with red roosters, it isn't cheesy I promise. Anyhoo, rooster stamps are kind of hard to find and while looking I came upon the above stamp.

Is it me or as a parent is this not what you WARN your kids about? Not suggest they head downstairs to see the perv with candy. Weird.

Shannie, if you perhaps read this anytime in the near future (since I know you do design stuff) I totally cheesing out with the stamp thing? I don't do cheese but the stamping of the roosters SOUNDS cheesy. I have it pictured really cute in my little powder bath. The reason is I found this darling wallpaper in my new Country Living and instead of wallpaper I thought, "I'll just find a neat stamp and stamp it." But I can't seem to find any pretty rooster stamps.
Y'all feel free to help me decide what to do. OR if you know a good place with a plethora of stamps let me know. OR if you think wall paper would be the way to go. Muchas Gracias!!

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Angie said...

Very creepy, I agree!