Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Oh my. Our evening proved to be a little more exciting than we thought. That is fo'sho'!

During the UT game (we were watching on the tele) it started to rain. And then it started to rain really really hard. The satellite went out and Hubby stepped outside to check out the situation. He walks inside and tells me to calmly take the kids and get in the closest.

WHAT THE HELL! This man never panics during weather situations. It is usually me running around the house trying to pull mattresses off the beds at the first clap of thunder and tiny flicker of lightening.

So I took both kiddos and sat in the coat closet while Hubby called his mom and asked her to check out the weather situation, as our internet and satellite were out. She tells him it is a small but strong storm, no tornadoes, so we all get out of the closet. Which was a little dispointing to me because I was kind of enjoying having both kids quiet and locked in a dark closet with me. It was like a 10 minute vacation.

Anyhoo, the storm passes and Hubby and I step outside to pick up toys that have been blown about. That is when I realized Bram's Little Tyke playhouse was missing.


As you can see from above pictures, Little Tyke playhouses can do quite a bit of damage. Especially when they are hurled through the air, around your house, over your fence, across the street, and into you NEW NEIGHBORS GARAGE! Yes, ma'am. That thing when a flyin'. Our poor neighbor was standing in his garage when it hit and needless to say scared the shit out of him. Lucky for us (and them), their two cars were sitting in the driveway and the playhouse went right between them and they were untouched.

You think the garage is bad? You should see the poor playhouse.

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Angie said...

Well that's one way to introduce yourself to the new neighbors. I'm glad everyone is okay :)