Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I can't do it anymore!

Swimming. I can't do it anymore. I just can't. It is too hot to even swim, and with a baby and a swimming-aholic three year old it can be a beating.
At the beginning of the summer I drove the golf cart up to the pool almost every day and loved every second of it. Bram was swimming like a fish, learning to do cannon balls. Tess was happy and content on my hip with her darling swimsuits and little hats. I had a cold beer in my hand (if we went after 5 of course!) or a margarita. Good times were had by all. Not now. Hubby still will take Bram when he gets home from work but I no longer join him. Yesterday I went to the pool for 30 minutes, even Bram asked to go home for a Popsicle.

Also, I am having to do my running at 9 pm!! And my yummy red wine isn't as yummy in 107 degree heat.

I am dreaming of the fall, dreaming of pumpkins, soups, baking, jeans and my Juicy sweats. In Texas this doesn't happen until mid October but I am hoping for an early fall around here. Something has got to give,this is making me very unhappy.

On another note, Bram had such a fit yesterday when I picked him up at Mother's Day Out that another mother (or grandmother, couldn't tell) asked to hold the baby so I could get a handle on the situation. I am starting to get the feeling this kid just doesn't like me.


whereismymind said...

I hear ya!!! It's waaaay too hot here in Georgia to even go outside if you aren't getting in some kind of water, and then it's like lukewarm bathwater... You step outside and it's like having a hot, wet towel thrown on you. Ick. And, I HATE having to exercise in the dark. And, you are soooo right, it ruins enjoying a glass of wine afterwards. (Although, I may or may not enjoy a cold beer or two before I go...) I love summer, but my mid-August, I'm ready for some cool wather.

Court said...

I was even hoping for severe thunderstorms today, like they promised. That way I wouldn't have the guilties for having PBS on all day long and driving through Taco Bell for a "special" lunch.
The gym has a great day care, I think we might head up there so I can take a break.