Sunday, August 3, 2008

Schlitterbaun, or howeveryouspellit

Yesterday was a HUGE success! Bram had a ball at Schlitterbaun, it still makes my heart happy thinking of our awesome day.

It started out a little daunting because I have never in my life seen so many people in one place. With all that water and people I was getting a bit of anxiety when we got there, afraid we would either lose Bram or he would drown. And the whole dirty water thing was icking me out but I breathed through it.

We went with the Phillips and the Hamills but their kiddos are a bit older so we quickly split up. Bram, Hubby and I did the lazy river, over and over and over and over again. Bram LOVED it, I mean he thought it was the coolest thing ever. He wore his life jacket the entire time without so much as a moan. It is funny because if he is in a situation he is not very familiar with, he will follow direction and rules to a T. Holding hands without complaint, life jackets, standing in line without trying to make a run for it, etc. Very bright, I know.
So we rode a few of the little dude slides and then headed home around 5:30. Oh, but that is not before mommy lost her Christian Dior sunglasses in the wave pool. I really almost started crying. BUT we didn't lose Bram, so that is all that matters, right? right?

Of course, Bram was out before we even got out of the parking lot. We came home to find Tess asleep on Auntie Fifi's chest. That little lady knows a sucker when she sees one. It was all and all a perfect day, and extra special for the Hubby and I to spend so much one on one time with Bram. Which for the past 10 months hasn't been a whole lot.

I have to mention the swimsuit choices for some of the patrons of Schlitterbaun. Oh My GOODNESS!!! I seriously felt like a supermodel. Their were string bikinis galore, I couldn't decide whether to think, "what the hell is she thinking?" or "you go girl with your self confidence!". Nipple piercings under said string bikinis (not that I was looking that hard at other boobies but when the nipple ring is attached to the belly button ring by a chain it is hard to miss). The amount of folks who didn't wear any type of shoes just creeped me out! Gross, can you imagine the foot fungus disease floating around out there.

When you get that many people in that kind of environment you also realize just how stupid the general public is. There were people out there with newborns! People that were not paying any attention whatsoever to their toddlers. Adults who would push a three year old out of the way to get to the line faster or to get in the "bigger" waves. It was crazy, but we had a so much fun.

I didn't take the fancy camera and forgot to buy a disposable there, I am sad that we didn't get pics but we will next time. And next time we will be going on a Wednesday when school is back in and nobody is there but our family.

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Anonymous said...

Love the Hill Country - and Schlitterbahn too!!! Glad you had fun!