Friday, August 1, 2008

I am going to need DRUGS

My poor little guy is for sure going to be getting his tonsils AND adnoids removed on the 28th. YIKES! I keep getting anxiety everytime I think of them putting my kid under. Scares. Me. To. Death. There will for sure be some pills taken as soon as I wake up the morning of the 28th. FOR SURE. Hubby has already lectured me that I can't have a meltdown that morning in front of the poor little guy. And I won't, if I am somewhat medicated. Luckily, since we live about an hour away from Austin, we will get to spend the night. This makes me happy and comforted knowing well trained nurses will be there to make sure all is A-OK and I won't be 100% responsible for his well being the first 24 hours.

The family will be heading to Schlitterbaun tomorrow (minus the baby). Bram is going to have a blast and I can't wait to see his reaction to all the water stuff, he is going to go nuts. I will need to purchase some water shoes fo'sho', from what I hear it isn't the cleanest place in the world, and last time I was there I was 8 and could not of cared less if I got athlete's foot or worse. The nice thing is, Hubby LOVES to do anything water related with the kids. This means Mommy is going to take lots of magazines and lay out as often as possible. Yea me!!!!!

Tess is the cutest thing on the planet and is just a lovey dovey baby that I want to eat for dinner every day! I am betting she will be walking in a month. I am really not ready for the whip that is a walking toddler. Is that awful of me?

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