Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So relaxing

We had a great time at the parentals this weekend. Swam, ate a ton, had a plethora of frosty adult bevs. The babies were spoiled rotten. It was terrific.

My parents live out in the "country" on 10 acres and it is so beautiful with lots of places for the kids to have adventures. Which is what Bram calls it. My dad or "Mikey" has Broncos and Jeeps galore. It is a dream for an outdoorsy little fellow. And of course the swimming is non-stop. The jumping off of the diving board, endless.

Then we get to little Miss Tess. YOWZER! All I can say is I am so thankful for the "BabyWise" books that taught me the joy of early bedtimes. 7 pm could not come sooner and was the reason a Cosmo was made by 4pm. Holy Toledo! Stairs and a crawling baby are not a good combo. Their house has more stairs than the average two story house. This I am convinced of. I am not kidding, I didn't sit down unless she was napping or it was bedtime. Between keeping fuzz and paper out of her mouth and falling down stairs, I was a busy little beaver.

Of course the grandparents were carrying her around quite a bit but that is when I was tending to Brammy, trying to get him to eat something other than popsicles and gum.

It was a blast but a beating. A blast/beating combo if you will. Now that I think about it, that is what most "fun" weekends with kids are. Blast/beatings. SOOO MUCH FUN! on one hand. HOLY CRAP THIS IS HELL! on the other. Am I right?

Anyhoo, as I pulled up to the house yesterday, after 3 hours in the car listening to Leap Frog and a screaming 10 month old, the steam started coming out of my ears. Hubby had not done a damn thing. The front yard wasn't mowed, the hoses were strung about. Bird poo was still on the front porch, and it had not been power washed, as requested. It got a little worse as I made my way in. Apparently he had a great weekend of playing his Playstation and watching movies, and probably a lot of solitaire on the computer (I am not kidding, he is an addict. Weird.) Of course he did do stuff with our cows and got things ready for the hunting lease. Oh yes, and went skeet shooting. What a weekend!

If I had it in me, I seriously would let one week of me doing nothing to the house go by and see if he even notices. My OCD would never let this happen but I would love to do it. I have cooled down a bit after I got everything in order and the maid comes Wednesday, so it wasn't the end of the world.

The guy is wonderful but good Lord I wish he would use his thinking cap sometimes.

There is also a little addition to our family. Will write about that later......


Michelle Matthews said...

This is hilarious! I love the blast/beating concept. It is so true. Your parent's place sounds like a haven for kiddos too! How fun! That is pretty funny about your hubby. That must be a common thread! ;) I know that steam out of ears feeling!

Michelle Matthews said...

Oh and I am big fan of the 7 pm bedtime! Helps keep my sanity.