Thursday, August 14, 2008

They call him the fireman, that's his name......

What a great night we had last night! Davin, Karis and their daughter Annabelle are great friends of ours, and Davin is a fireman. Last night Karis and I took dinner to the station and Bram and Annabelle joined us. It was Bram's first up close and personal one on one time with a firehouse, fire station and ambulance. Of course one has been to his school but this, well, this was special.

I made a huge pan of greasy cheese enchiladas, brownies with icing, and a avocado tomato salad. YUMMY! (Don't worry OSB, I only had one chilada and ran 30 minutes last night) So not only did we get to visit the fire station......we got to EAT with the firemen.

Brammy had so much fun, he was all over that firetruck! Davin talked to them through the headsets and both of their little faces lit up. Bram for some reason really wanted to get in the damn ambulance but it had just been sterilized so he couldn't. Of course a little temper tantrum ensued but it was quickly resolved with the honk of the firetruck horn. We had a great dinner with the guys and they were so sweet and funny and seemed to really not mind that two three year olds were running amok in their fire station. It was a great night and one of those moments that makes being a mom super cool.

Hubby stayed here with baby Tess and she was a flirty dream for him. Went to sleep with no problem whatsoever. Well, sure she did, she was worn out from all of that screaming she did for me. I think maybe she is doing some serious teething. Almost 11 months and not a single tooth in her head, so something is problem about to happen in her mouth. Surely. Will she be able to eat cake at her 1st birthday without teeth? Will I have to serve birthday pudding instead? That would suck and ruin the entire "Tea with Tess" theme I have conjured up in my head. If anybody has any cute tea party ideas please pass them along.

On another note, are Casey Anthony's parents nut jobs? They infuriate me to no end. Ugghhgghghghghg!!!! And of course Casey Anthony herself is scum of the earth. Makes my blood boil. I am sorry but if one of my kids was missing for a day, my parents would totally notice. AND we don't live with them!!!!

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Michelle Matthews said...

Oh my goodness! Bram is so adorable! These are such cute pictures. I bet those two little ones had a blast! How nice of y'all to do that. All of that food sounds sooo good!
I love the tea with Tess theme!
Oh - my shirt came from Forever 21! Thank you for your sweet comments.
PS Tate had his 4th bday at a fire station and it was awesome. He loved it.