Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Those crazy city kids

After Cousin's Day we brought our nephew Hank home with us. Hank is five and is the apple of Bram's eye. Seriously, I can get Bram to do ANYTHING if I just say, "Oh, Hank wears that", "Hank eats that", "Hank doesn't throw a fit like that". You get the picture. The only thing that doesn't work is, "Hank didn't have a paci at three and a half". But why my 3 year old is still a paci addict at this age is a whole nother post.

Anyhoo, Hank lives in Austin and we are about an hour outside of Austin. I love having Hank spend time with us. He and Bram are super close and they have a blast together. It is easy peasy having him here because Bram is totally entertained and Hank is old enough to keep the two of them out of trouble. They played endless hours of Batman, Superman, and Power Rangers. Stopping only for bathroom and popsicle breaks.

When Hank is here it is kind of a free for all. I want to be the "fun Aunt" so I let him pretty much call the shots. Within reason of course.

Yesterday, I took Hank, Bram, AND Tess to the Wal Mart. It was very brave of me indeed. It actually proved that I AM capable of managing three kiddos if I ever got drunk enough to get pregnant again.

We walked through the doors of the Wal Mart and you should of seen the look on Hank's face. Priceless.
"What is this pwace Aunt Coco?", says Hank
"This is the Wal Mart Hankers", says Coco
"This pwace is amazing. It is so bright and seems to have every thing we could need", says Hank. His eyes looking around in wonder and pure delight.
"Hank have you ever been to a Wal Mart?", asks Coco
"No, but I have been to Tawget, Costco, Centwal Mawket, Whole Foods and Nowdtwoms. But nothin' like this!", says Hank

Ahhhhh, bless his little city boy heart!!


morewineplease said...

OMG! I love it! City boy indeed... and right there with you on "if I ever got drunk enough to get PG!"

Michelle Matthews said...

Oh that is the sweetest little story! I love it!