Thursday, August 7, 2008

I love/hate old people

We live in a small town outside of Austin, more of a retirement small town if you will. Luckily, we have met tons of families our age, young professionals with kids ranging in the same ages. We love it, we really do.

Our neighborhood is gated. Now don't get any crazy ideas, it is gated because it is the only zoned neighborhood in town. Not because the homes are exclusive and fancy. No,no,no. We just really didn't want to live next to a double wide with a car on blocks. Not that there is anything wrong with that but not our cup of tea.

Anyhoo, old people in our neighborhood piss me off to a level that embarrasses my husband and probably one day my kids. They drive way too slow, put their brakes on for no reason, and drive down our street just to check out the goings on. (Because our backyard looks like an episode of "Sanford and Sons" with all the kid stuff strung about, so this makes me feel very insecure. I know they are talking ugly about us. I just know it, even though hubby thinks I am being silly.)

One day I might be even be on the 10 o'clock news for slamming my Tahoe into the back of a black Continental carrying two oldies because I had a screaming tot in the backseat and they were only going 4 miles an hour and the speed limit is CLEARLY 25...just be prepared.

But tonight I met the spriest little 80 year old on the planet and my love for old people was restored.

I am on the board of a children's advocacy project and we had a meeting tonight. We had to tell a little about ourselves and most of us just gave our names and what we did and blah blah blah. But this little lady just kept talking. Told us how we all need to keep active to stay young, how she will FOR SURE live to see a great-great grandchild, she drove better than she did 40 years ago, and how all of her friends are in their 50's and can't keep up with her. She wore the spunkiest little outfit and biggest turquoise necklace and just was a doll face. Afterwards, I wanted to kiss her on the mouth and take her to a cafeteria for some baked fish, mac and cheese, and lime jello! It really made my heart happy.

So on my way home, after a quick stop for a Mexican martini,I was more than happy to follow behind an Oldsmobile going 1 mph. Without the tiniest urge to nudge them with my grill guard.

It may or may not of had something to do with the Mexican martini but I feel like I am for sure making progress out here in Hill Country!

On another note, Tess is going to be walking in the next couple of weeks. I just feel it. She is standing up in the middle of the living room without holding on to a thing and then plops down. If I remember correctly, this is the beginning of the end. Yikes. Lucky for her she is super duper cute.

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