Friday, August 8, 2008

Hold me closer tiny dancer....

It just doesn't get cuter than this! Iddy, my mother in law, sews like a mo'fo', she is incredible. Lucky for me, I didn't just have a girl, I had THE girl. Yesterday a box of the most precious personalized onesies and such arrived. Here is the little lady in her tu-tu onesie. I just want to eat her up she is so yummy!

The kids and I are heading to Weatherford this weekend to hang out with my parents and brother. Hubby is staying here to take some cows to auction. I sure hate to miss that fun. Anyhoo, I haven't been home since April and that is rare because I used to go home once a month. My parents, Mikey and Gran-T, usually come here, they will even come for one night just to babysit. Since I have the only grandchildren it is pretty easy to get them to do anything I want. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh). But I really miss home so I thought this weekend, I would head North.

Ta-ta for now! Have a super duper weekend!


morewineplease said...

OH!! She is way to cute!

Michelle Matthews said...

Thanks for the ticket jar tip, Court! Your kids are gorgeous and your blog is hilarious!!!! I love this tutu!