Friday, August 15, 2008

It was just a matter of time

Guess who got stitches yesterday? Yes, it finally happened, Bram got the long dreaded stitches in the chin. I have been waiting (not anxiously) for this day since he began walking 2 years and 4 months ago.

I guess the summer Olympics were an inspiration, because he jumped off the side of the pool but instead of his normal jump he decided to add a little twist to it. And his chin didn't make it all the way in the pool.

Hubby called freaked out from the golf cart, I got the car ready and we headed to the minor emergency clinic. Boy was the little guy a toughie!! He was awesome, cried the entire time they stitched him up but they didn't have to put him in one of those papooses or anything. They laid his little head in my lap and Daddy held his legs, no flailing or anything. 6 stitches. We all held it together pretty well actually. I thought I would faint or puke, I didn't do either. Just held my blond little baby and patted his curly head while they fixed him all up. Whew!

Funny thing did happen. While we were in the room waiting on the cute doctor, Bram farted. Hubby had gone to his truck to get gum for the little guy, so it was just Bram and I hanging out in the room. This wasn't the toot of a 3 year old. No ma'am. It was the toot of a 350 lb 55 year old man. It was a dead body rotting fart. You should of seen me flailing about trying to get rid of the stench. I had to, I would of FOR SURE of been blamed for that one. Sick.

Poor little guy. Obviously he had a busted chin and a rumbling tummy.


Anonymous said...

Poor lil guy! It must be the lil guy has taken to jumping off the couch now! He's either going to kill himself or give me a heart attack.

What a big boy for toughing it out through those stitches...

The fart thing is HILARIOUS....and yes, you would so have gotten blamed for that one!

Angie said...

Poor Bram! I'm not sure you can be boy and not get stiches in your chin or back of the head. Maybe you shouldn't let him watch anymore synchronized diving... And why do kids always pick the smallest places to have the most obnoxious smells?

Michelle Matthews said...

Awe! Poor little Bram. What a strong little man though! He is so tough to sit through the stitching. That is impressive. I'm sorry y'all to go through that!
Luke had to get stitches when he was 14 mnths old. He fell into the side of a speaker. Sliced the skin right next to his eye. It was not a good experience at all - had to use the papoose. Terrible.
That fart story is hilarious! Little ones can have some manly toots!

whereismymind said...

Oh.My.GOD. I'm am not looking forward to our first trip to the ER at all.... And, we've been waiting for it, too... We came close a few weeks ago. Man, head injuries bleed! Anyway, glad he was a little champ! Sweet boy! And good thing it wasn't on top of his head or they would have had to shave off some of those sweet curls!