Thursday, August 14, 2008

chicken wallpaper

Not that anyone really gives a hoot or reads this blog. But here is a pic of the wallpaper I really want in the powder bath. The thing is, the walls are already this color. That is why I thought a stamp would be a much more cost effective way to get this look. And it will give me a home project that I will ulitmately fuck up and end up getting the wallpaper anyway.

But just to give all of my thousands of readers an idea of the look I am going for. See, not cheesy roosters, classy roosters. What?


morewineplease said...

Anxious to see how this project goes! I need to see lots of pictures.. K?
I promise to have a DMB update today.... IT ROCKED!

Michelle Matthews said...

Those roosters/chickens are adorable - not cheesy. I don't knw a thing about stamping or wallpapering.
That old man stamp was freakin' creepy. Who would even come up with that?!