Monday, March 30, 2009

In a blur....

We had a great weekend, but I have to say....I think I was more tired last night than I have ever been in my whole life.

Momma has to have her sleep. I get at least 8 hours a night and if I get less than that several nights in a row. It's not good people.

Not good at all.

Tamale King was awesome, I love my friends! We had a great time, a few 'ritas and a greasy chili relleno for me.

I came home at midnight and went straight to "sleep."

Saturday was spent baking two cakes for a bake sale. Mandarin orange cake and chocolate brownies. Then I packed for the family. Then I got everyone dressed and looking presentable, since we were pulling straight into Ft.Worth and heading to the birthday party. Then I realized Tess' shoes were too small and I had not yet purchased Bailey's birthday party. Then we loaded up the car, and headed to the square to drop off my baked goods, then I stopped to buy the birthday present (Chinese checkers and an "I Spy" book.) Then I found a DARLING pair of hot pink squeaky tennies for Tess. Got back in the car and headed out of town. Then I realized Tess' newly purchased shoes were WAY too big. We turned around, I ran back in and exchanged for a smaller size. THEN we headed out of town. Again.

Got to party, super fun. Headed to Jill and Richard's. Fed the kids. Put Tess down for the night. Sat outside ate pizza and drank wine. 10 o'clock, Tess woke up with her eczema totally flared up. Bad. Spent the next two hours keeping her comfy. Went back to bed. 2 o'clock, Bram woke up with a wicked croupy sounding cough. I panicked, got dressed and was going to head to Cook's Children's emergency room. Luckily, Hubby is the voice of reason at our house (even quite tipsy). He calmed Bram (and me) down. Hubby went and laid down with Bram. They both fall fast asleep, no more coughing.
Tess gets in the guest bed with me. Falls out of guest bed. Twice. Tess has never slept with me. EVER. Tess doesn't sleep well with Mommy. Mommy doesn't sleep well with Tess. Then I get settled. Lay there, convinced Bram isn't breathing. Go into guest room to check breathing and pulse. Bram is SO asleep, that I can't tell if Bram is breathing. I hold his nose. He stirs. He is alive and soundly sleeping.
5 o'clock I fall asleep. 7 o'clock, Tess is up and Adam. Yippee.

Hubby is too hungover to drive home (he stayed up with Richard while I was handling kid situation). I drive home, family sleeps.

Get home and unpack. My goodies from Allison arrive. VERY HAPPY!!!! Pictures will soon follow. With new goodies, my OCD kicks in and I start to decorate.

Feed kids, bath kids, put kids to bed. Make homemade spaghetti for me and the Hubs. Sauce from scratch. Hot garlic bread.

Take two Simply Sleep, one glass of Shiraz. In bed at 9. Asleep by 9:02. Wake at 8.

Coco is a new woman this morning!


Sassy Cass said...

I'm tired just reading all that! Glad you had fun with the girls. I love those lil squeaky shoes. Cuteness!

Anniebanannie said...

That's makes me so out of breath just imagining everything that happened in a matter of two days. WHEW!

I, too, HAVE to have at least an 8 hour night. Each night. Or, I, too, am NOT a happy person, which in turn, makes everyone not happy people.

Glad you're a new woman!

starnes family said...

See.....another thing we have in common. This is daily life for me. Hard to sit still.

The Soladay Family said...

Wow....That was exhausting...Can't wait to see your pics!!!

KDLOST said...

that post was quite the journey, lady. you had a busy weekend!

glad you feel better today!!

whereismymind said... That sounds like one heck of a weekend... And just like one I'd have!