Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet Love and Random Picture Friday

Oh it's Friday, and the Coco's will be heading to Weatherford for some pampering from Mikey and Gran-T.

We are so wild and crazy that we are spending our 5 year anniversary with my parents. Well, our anniversary is Monday the 9th and we have big plans in Austin in a few weeks and we will celebrate then.

BUT this weekend my parents and some great friends are all going to be there for lots of food and adult bevs. and a toast to wedded bliss. Of course the kids will have lots of room to run free! It is going to be a glorious weekend.

Now let's get on with some random pictures that were taken this week in Cocoland, shall we?

Today in 1836 the Alamo fell. This is something all of you should know. Especially, if you are a Texan.

If you don't care, that is fine.

Just a little advice if your aren't interested, NEVER ever ask a question about the Alamo to my dad. If you do, you better have a few hours for a lengthy lesson in Texas history. Maps will be pulled out, replicas of the "Come and Take it" flag with be displayed, and you will know everything thing you never wanted to know about the battle between Santa Anna and Sam Houston. He is a proud Texan.

Let's take a moment and bow our heads.

Ok, moving on....

Oh, the Braminator. Are the rest of you having trouble taking pictures of your three (almost four) year old as we are? Dang, it is a chore at our house. Either he has a really weird fake smile that makes him look VERY constipated OR he is in some super hero pose OR he is doing the above. Hopefully he outgrows it.

Above is a picture of Tess running to have her bath. Hubby and I find it funny that if you so much as mention the word bath, sister takes off full speed ahead to hop in! Just like her mommy, has to have her nightly warm bath. That's my girl!

Hola! Mi llama es Tessie Mayes. Mi muy bonita. Mi madre es muy bonita. Mi madre no habla espanol. Adios.

How cute is this Mexican dress? Oh my. Iddy sent this to the precious angel, it was purchased especially for her in Santa Fe. Thanks Iddy!

Please notice the floor below precious angel's high chair. This is what happens when you are not quick on your feet during meal time. The lil' punkin' will throw every. piece. of. food on the floor when she is done and you don't take it away fast enough. And I'm sorry for you if the lid to the sippy cup is not on tight enough. Seriously, you should see the blinds on each side of her chair. Disgusting.

I am a firm believer in diaper covers. You will never see Tess in a dress without matching bloomers. If dresses do not come with matching bloomers then you will see these, in an assortment of colors or monogrammed accordingly, on her tiny hiney.

And lastly, have y'all seen Daddy Bush get all choked up when he thanks everyone for their support during Momma Bush's heart surgery yesterday?
If not, turn on the news.
I have choked up every time they play it. SO TOUCHING.

They have been married for over 60 years and he was so frightened something would happen to her, the relief on his face and in his voice is clear and very touching. She is such a classy lady.

I have seen her many times in Austin (I worked downstairs from W's 2000 campaign) and she just radiates happy class. Her quick recovery is in my prayers.

That is it for now. Time to pack up the troops for a fun filled family fun weekend!


The Soladay Family said...

What a great post! Filled with lots of random greatness! Okay...a few, love, love Tess' little Mexican dress...the high chair: love the the high chair, great color...the bloomers...I'm just going to break down and put some on Carter...

If the shoe FITZ said...

You are heading up North on a great weekend. The weather is awesome this weekend! Enjoy your family time!

KDLOST said...

girl. that post covers all the bases! love the mexican dress! sooo cute! oh, and we have 28378247948 pics of the back of LL's head.

i am SO glad you mentioned layer cake wine!!! i saw it a couple of days ago, but had never had it... they're running a deal on it at the world market... i may go snatch a couple of bottles for stashing!

have a GREAT weekend! :)

whereismymind said...

Love this post! What is with this age and taking pictures!?!? But, you gotta love those kung fu and dance moves... He'll hate them when he's a teenager.

We, too, have bloomers! In a wide assortment of colors and monogram styles... A diaper must always be covered. MUST.

The Mister is the same way as your dad about Georgia history! Too funny! Complete with flags and maps, books, etc... You name it. (The Mister was actually born in your Great State of Texas, though. LOL!)

Happy Friday!!!! I'll be sneaking some adult bevs in the laundry room shortly!

Have a great anniversary weekend! XO

Happy Friday!

starnes family said...

Happy Anniversary weekend! I, too, love bloomers....Lainey has several monogrammed ones. Such a great gift, too.

And, I was in tears watching Bush talk about his wife. So very touching.

greygillfish said...

Have a safe trip and a full filled weekend. Happy Anniversary!

Michelle said...

Cute pics! Great post! Love those bloomers! Have fun this weekend! Happy Anniversary!

MamaSue said...

Sydney is a big girl now but I would love it if she would wear bloomers!

Anniebanannie said...

Fun post!

LOVE the bloomers. SOmething that I'm sure I'll never get to experience with all of the boyness around here.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!