Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kickin' ass and taking names!

Poor Hubby, instead of being attacked by just one wily three year old the second he walks in the door from work, he is now being attacked by two wild indians who want nothing more than to wrestle with their Daddy.

Actually, Bram calls it, "battling" with Daddy. We can thank my brother, Bryan, for that lingo.

These days, Miss Tess is becoming quite the little ass kicker. No using kidd gloves with this tiny little Tinkerbell, no ma'am.

She actually will have a mini-tantrum if she isn't clothes- lined by her Daddy like her big brother is. Or if her body slam doesn't give her a little bounce, she will demand another one!

And don't turn your back on this mini beast when she is in "battling" mode, she will sneak up on you like a thief in the night, and next thing you know, "SHAZAM!" You are laid up with a tiny tot on top of you.

I called about ballet lessons yesterday, and unfortunately, she can't start until she is three. And potty trained.

And I realize she is wearing Halloween pjs in March. We are in a recession people and I am just keepin' it real!


The Soladay Family said...

First of all, I must say I LOVE the rainbow suspenders! Love em! The remind me of the Mork and Mindy rainbow suspenders I had when I was little. I feel old with that reference...

"Battling" and boys just seems to go together. Tess will be one tough chick!

Michelle said...

That first pic of Tess looks like a mini Bram! Too cute!
Love those suspenders! Adorable!
Wrestling is a top priority in our house too. The boys can't get enough.
Tess is going to be one tough girl!

Soxy Deb said...

Are the suspenders strictly to help encourage him to stay dressed? Or is he making a fashion statement? Either way, love them.
Go get em Miss Tess! Girls rule!

Amber Clay said...

Is Bram's shirt from Old Navy? Sam wore that shirt today! Is Bram's on backwards or have I been putting it on Sam backwards all this time?

Anonymous said...

Avery wore a Halloween shirt the other day. Out in public. Yeah...

Little girls wrestling with Daddy crack me up. Hubby and A are at it all the time. Then she wants to tackle me too. I'm not quite as rough house as Dad these days. And she can hold her own with the boys.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh how I love play fighting with Tristan. So much fun. I don't think I could handle two though!

Lulu the Midwife said...

Just so you know I have a funny (not for the person it happened to) moment regarding ballet lessons. I believe the girl in question had a potty accident while doing a plie. Man I guess we were 9 or 10. I think I will remember it forever.