Monday, September 8, 2008

Beach Pictures

It just keeps getting cuter. During our trip to Padre we decided to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the families and kiddos. Well, she put a few up on her website. I can't WAIT to get the rest of them.

Take a gander at the kid picture above. Look who is being a butt head. Shocking, isn't it?

In the group grown up picture, Hubby and I are at the far right. And the hot mom in the middle is 8 months pregnant. Sickening.

Cute huh? (not hubby and I but the pics in general)


morewineplease said...

these are so beautiful! I bet you are so happy you did this!

Jo said...

Thanks for stopping by. You can email me at

I love the beach pictures in black and white. I've always wanted to do something like that.

Have a fabulous day!

3D said...

you and hubby are hideous and should be photo shopped out immediately. knucklehead.

those are all awesome pictures! and even the little pouty one on the end with his arms crossed (no not your hubby-lol)still makes for adorable pictures.

great job!

Michelle Matthews said...

GORGEOUS! What a fun trip!

M Yeager said...

I found your blog through Little Ol Me.

I love the first picture of the kids! I love how the little gir's dresses are different styles!

I would love to get a picture taken like that!